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Each and every one of us is faced with choices and decisions in our day to day lives. What most of us don’t realize is that every single choice and decision we make has meaning. Right down to the pen you decided to write with today. It all holds a truth about you, your past, your present, and your future.

These NEW readings have been chosen specifically by Carmel to involve you. This is an interactive reading, where Carmel and team Spirit, will give you the messages you need to hear right now in your life.

There is more than 1 type to choose from, or you could choose to get them all! Let your intuition guide you! 

How Does it Work?

I Spy With My Little Eye


Here’s How It Works

Use your intuition to choose the item in the photo that you are drawn to most.

(At the check out you will choose the number of the item you want to choose)

Carmel has set an intention for each of the items on her shelf.

Based on which item you pick she will send you an audio clip with your reading, explaining what the reason was as to why you chose that item and what Spirit wants you to know.

We are drawn to different things for different reasons. Carmel will give you the message from Spirit that the item means to you!  You will receive a personalized reading.

This is NOT pre-recorded or specific to the item.

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Pendulum Reading

Here’s How It Works

A pendulum is a tool many psychics and Mediums use to answer very specific questions.

Carmel often uses a pendulum in her own personal life for guidance.

In this reading, YOU choose which pendulum you would like Carmel to use to receive an answer to your yes or no question.

Examples – Will I get pregnant soon? Should we switch our son schools? Did he cheat?

Carmel will use your chosen pendulum to receive your answer.

An audio clip answer from Carmel will be emailed to you. She will answer your question as well as give a little extra insight from Spirit on your personal situation.

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Oracle Card Reading

Oracle cards have been used by Psychics and Mediums for centuries as a tool to receive messages and deliver readings.

There are many styles and themes of decks, each with its own unique messages. Carmel uses many different Oracle card decks in her readings as a tool to give direction and insight to her clients in their readings.

 In this reading, you choose which deck you would like Carmel to draw one card from to give you the message you need most at this time.

An audio clip from Carmel with the meaning of your card will be emailed directly to you.

Choose from:

Carmel’s Butterfly Messages Oracle Card Deck

Regular Deck Of Playing Cards

 Frequency Cards

Health and Wellness Cards


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Total for all is $129.00 but by bundling all three you only pay $99!

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