A LIVE zoom webinar series with Carmel Joy Baird!

4-part weekly webinar series starting on

February 8, 2022.

Join Carmel as she shares the Magick of Spirit and Manifesting in 2022.

This four-part live webinar series takes you through four interesting and compelling evenings of learning, growth, and fun.

Each webinar is a hands-on experience with examples and tools you’ll be using from home right along with her. (You’ll receive a list of supplies and ingredients ahead of time to bring to the webinar. These are not included in the cost)

These webinars are done in a meeting format so all attendees can choose to see each other as they work together to create, learn, grow and expand their magick, intuition and, abilities with Spirit.

Start 2022 off right by creating the best year that will make all your dreams come true!

What you will learn:

  • February 8th Webinar #1:
    Candle Magick. Join a live cord cutting ritual and take part in the magick!
  • February 15th Webinar #2:
    Witches Bottles. The history and the how. Make a bottle live with Carmel.
  • February 22nd Webinar #3:
    Mediumship and more.Talking to loved ones. Tips to make it easier on you and them.
  • March 1st Webinar #4:
    Altars, Healing herbs and Tea Leaf Readings

Just $199.00!

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