What do the Bones have to say about you?

Throwing the bones, casting the bones or reading the bones is an ancient form of divination found in many cultures around the world.

The diversity found within throwing the bones makes it unlikely that you could ever find two bone readers who read the same way or even have similar bone kits.

Carmel’s kit is filled with bones, roots, stones, and curios -small objects, all intimate things she’s gathered and collected over the years.

This makes this reading very personal to Carmel, her energy, her guides and her own way of casting the bones.

In this reading Carmel is only given your first name as she casts the bones onto her unique card table. Likely not a reading you’ll have seen or heard of before, the cards and the bones come together to bring you the answers and messages you need to hear at this time.


Each bone represents something. From love, career, family, money, health, challenges and gains along with so much more!

Carmel will record an audio letting know what the bones mean for you. Along with your audio mini reading you will be sent a photo of what the bones looked like on the table as they were cast just for you.

Listen and follow along with your personal audio as Carmel tells you all about your bones and what they have to say for you!

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