Connect With Your Passed Loved Ones Today!

Talk 2 Heaven will give you the tools you need, in order to do what you’ve been wanting to all along… Talk with your passed loved ones!


The hardest part of losing a loved one is feeling like we have lost our connection with them and are unable to communicate. What if I told you that you don’t have to lose that connection? What if you could learn how to talk to them today? You can! 

I created Talk 2 Heaven, because I know we are all able to communicate with the other side. In fact our loved ones are counting on it! So many people feel they can only connect by seeing a Medium, and that’s just not true. Don’t get me wrong.. I love my readings and want to connect as many people as I can with their loved ones, but I also want you to know you can do it too! Wouldn’t it be great to get proof that they’re really with you and finally have a long overdue conversation? I teach you all that and more in Talk 2 Heaven: Online!

Why You Should Take This Course!

Take Talk2Heaven if you are saying yes to any of these questions.

  • Do you miss the conversations with your loved ones who have passed and want to continue those?
  • Do you feel your passed loved ones around you but want more communication?
  • Are you wanting to have dreams of your passed loved ones and wish to connect more?
  • Do you want to write to your loved ones and have them write back?
  • Are you ready to build a relationship with the other side?

Can Do It!

We are all capable of communicating with our loved ones.


Your training materials are yours forever. Plus, you can retake it for free. Cool?

At Your
Own Pace

Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

What Will You Get With This Course?

Online access to 15 instructional video’s with Carmel.

Watch as Carmel guides you on your journey to connecting with YOUR loved ones.

14 in depth PDF assignments.

You get homework in printable in PDF format that will keep you going and help bridge the gap to heaven!

7 audio meditations

One that takes you to meet your loved ones who’ve crossed. You can listen over the Internet, and/or download them.

Once a Student, always a Student!

As a paid registrant to Talk 2 Heaven, you’ll have round-the-clock unlimited access to the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this self-guided online course really teach me what I need to know to communicate with my loved ones?
YES! Carmel has used the same information in this course to teach dozens of students and they have now are talking to Heaven on a regular basis!

Is this course the same as the in person course?
All the lessons taught by Carmel in person are outlined in this course. Nothing was missed.

Will the communication be the same as when they were here?
Spirits keep their same personality and manners on the other side as they had when they were here. Carmel will show you how to tap into that and so much more!

I know nothing about any of this stuff. Will this work for me?
YES! Carmel gives you all the basic knowledge of what you need and so much more! You can do this! We all can.

When will I be able to access this course?
Right away! The course will be delivered to your user account, as soon as payment is processed.

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