Spiritual Weight Loss

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Are You Brave Enough To Be You? 

Spiritual Weight Loss

This course is for the overworked, underslept and self sufficient individuals who work hard to have it all but need to realize that to have it all you need to put yourself first.

For those who are self sabotaging their lives and their bodies. Who makes excuses about their eating habits and have tried every diet known to man!

Those who can’t figure out why they overeat, undersleep and never get off the treadmill of stress!

This program includes a list of foods that feed your Spirit, a list of crystals that will help with weight loss and over all health and wellbeing, along with 6 video lessons with me!


Here is what the program includes

  • The Cause, The Goal, & The Solutions!
  • A detailed list of specific foods that you can use fuel your body, mind and Spirit.
  • A list of crystals to aid with weight loss and overall health and wellbeing
  • Two brand new mediations to help with weight loss, healing and Spiritual growth!
  • Lifetime Access to this course!


Watch and listen to these video lessons!


The answers to your health and wellbeing you've been waiting for!

The Solution

The solution to keeping your body happy and healthy, straight from Spirit!

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