Spiritual Self Care

Self care is one of the hardest life lessons to learn and it’s one that I have struggled with throughout my life.  As a wife, Mom of 6 , and a busy business owner, finding time to take care of me has often been a challenge and finding time without feeling guilty has been an even more difficult but learning to take care of me has brought the greatest rewards to me and my Family.  Taking care of ourselves is the best way to take care of others.


All my love,

Carmel xo

What you can expect from this course





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  • Lesson 1:
    What is Self Care?

    Different types of self care, it’s not just pedicures and massage
    Connecting to your inner child and finding the joy again

  • Lesson 2:
    What's Love Got To Do With It?

    Self love and why it’s so important

  • Lesson 3:
    You're So Selfish!

    Letting go of the guilt of taking care of you
    Practicing guilt free self care
    Learning the difference between selfish and selfless

  • Lesson 4:
    Every Man For Themselves!

    You are only responsible for you
    Stop taking care of everyone else
    Letting your loved ones learn their own lessons
    What is yours and what is theirs?

  • Lesson 5:
    Finding Your Pattern &
    Breaking It

    Recognizing the things that take you away from Self care
    Changing your patterns for life

  • Lesson 6:
    Self Care For Life

    Surfing life’s tsunamis
    Self care check list
    Sometimes plan
    and sometimes wing it!
    Trigger! Recognizing your triggers and disarming them


Self Care isn’t just important,
it’s an essential key to a




& Keep

Self Care
For Life

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