Soul Alignment Weekend Workshop



Cost per person: $595.00

**50% Down Payment Due Upfront – Remaining Balance Due At Event**

When: December 1st & 2nd, 2018
Saturday & Sunday
10am – 4pm  2 breaks & 1 lunch break

(Lunch is included both days)
Location: The weekend may be held outdoors if weather permitting or indoors in the new facility at River Lane Ranch

Dive Deep Into Your Soul!

Open up and discover how to connect with your Higher Self and dive deep into your soul.

Carmel calls it a healing journey, some say it’s an awakening or shift …whatever it is, you are feeling it and you want more!

This weekend will take you along a journey to achieving balance, enlightenment, and soul growth.

Enjoy the majestic beauty of the Ranch in the winter season in our indoor event arena!


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“I’ve taught people for many years how to talk to Spirits, but I’ve come to realize if we reconnect and talk to our very own soul, talking to Spirits is a piece of cake!”


What this weekend will cover:

  • Understanding your soul and what you were really meant to do in this lifetime
  • Take down the blocks that are preventing you from trusting yourself and your intuition. Free the real you!
  • Use and uncover the full potential of who you are and what you're meant to do in this lifetime.
  • Use the gift of spiritual energy to heal yourself and others so you’re able to drive the ship of your own life
  • Align your mind, body and soul so you are all working in sync to achieve a place of peace, power and potential

Who Needs to Take This Course?
Ask Yourself These Questions:

 Do you struggle with trusting yourself and your intuition?

 Do you want to learn how to tap into and access a deeper form of spiritual guidance?

 Is life feeling like it’s just passing you by?

 Do you worry about what others think and may say?

 Are you struggling to know what you’re supposed to be when you grow up?

 Do you go over and over past mistakes or struggles?

 Are there negative thoughts that hold you back and swirl around in your head constantly?

 Do you want to feel more confident and powerful in your life choices?


Did you answer “YES” to any of these questions? If so, then this Event is for you!

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“I’m excited about this weekend maybe more than any other course I’ve taught. I’m someone who teaches people hands-on with exercises and lessons, and I know I am going to blow people’s minds with what they can actually do and accomplish in this lifetime!”


What You’ll Learn in This Life-Changing Event

  How to tap into a deeper level of yourself and uncover something amazing

  Discover who and what source really is, on the highest, deepest level

  Learn and understand your intuition and how it can work with you and not against you

  Heal old soul wounds that have been brought forward into this lifetime and no longer serve you.

  Turn on your GPS system and power up to the true potential of who you are and meant to be in this lifetime!


Are you ready to understand who you are meant to be in this lifetime?

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“River Lane Ranch has always had a healing energy.

Just coming to the ranch begins the process of enlightenment and healing.”


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Special Notes

Please dress in layers and bring a pen and journal to class with you.

The ranch is home to several horses who may be involved in the weekend, along with dogs, cats etc. Those with allergies should be alerted to this.