The purpose of life is to live in alignment with who you really are.

When you live in alignment, you can’t help feeling happy, life becomes a moment by moment flow of thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions that match up with exactly what your soul needs.

Your soul has a purpose, a truth, a vision and as long as you stay in soul alignment, you will flow naturally to the life you are meant to be living!

Whether you’ve been on a spiritual journey for years or you are just beginning to awaken your soul this evening workshop will give you practical exercises and tools to help bring you into alignment and stay in alignment through all of life’s challenges.

We caught up in our day to day tasks, we are challenged with obstacles and hurdles that want to push us out of alignment. We begin to question ourselves and give in to fear, become overwhelmed and out of alignment. This class is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your soul to receive the answers and guidance you need!

When: Thursday, October 3, 2019 

Where: River Lane Ranch

2222 137 ave NE, Edmonton

Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost: $150.00 per person

What will you learn?

– Are you aligned?

– Reconnect with who you really are.

– Leave with a new soul aligning Meditation & prayer.

– Practical exercises to use in your daily life.

And so much more!

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