Seven Weeks Of Messages With Your Loved One!

How it works Sign up to join the program and provide Carmel with the name of your specific loved one that you want the messages from! Then watch your email every week and you’ll receive an audio clip mini reading from Carmel with messages from your loved one! You’ll also receive a weekly video from Carmel talking about the other side!

Cost: $350

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Remember your loved ones are always with you! 

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14 Amazing Weeks of readings! 

I’m always looking for unique and special ways to connect my clients with their loved ones long after their readings with me, so I listened to Spirit and created 7 weeks with Spirit!

So many people are looking for proof and validation that their loved ones in heaven are really here with them. Now you can receive a message every week via audio clip with me connecting you to the other side!

That’s my job after all… I’m the middle man! (hence Medium)

I’ll be sending you a special audio message via email for 14 weeks connecting you to your loved one.  I’m going to use the energy of your name and their name to make this connection and record the messages for you. These mini readings provide specific messages just for you from them!

I’ll also be sending you a special video to watch once a week that explains some of the things you may be wondering like …

What is heaven like?

Where are they?

When will I see you again?

This program will not only give you a ton of insight and knowledge into the other side, but a personal connect with your own loved one.

I’m looking forward to meeting your loved ones soon.

Carmel xo

This is going to be the BEST one ever!
So many ways to get validations!

  • The program begins June 19th and runs for 14 weeks!!
    (not just 7 this time.)
  • It will include a card reading one week with intuitive guidance and a mediumship reading the following week.
  • You may switch between loved ones week to week in this program. This has never been offered before! You can speak to more than one loved one on the other side.
  • I will also be sending you an audio clip every single Monday telling you the sign to watch for from your loved ones that week.

Loving Words...

Edmonton, AB

Wow - you did it again Carmel ... spot on!  Aunty Dora loved gardening (both flower and vegetable) even more than Mom did and had massive gardens. I can't associate her without associating the garden and her message was perfect!  I will get a nice amethyst and wear it in love. These messages just make me feel like a little kid all over again, getting a big hug from his Mom!  

Edmonton, AB

I can hardly believe that 7 weeks passed that quickly. Guess it helped to always look forward to Monday when I would get my message from you (and Mom of course)!

I want to thank you. Of all of your offerings this one, Seven Weeks With Spirit, is the one I've enjoyed the most. Not only were the messages, or answers in my case, bang on accurate, this past 7 weeks I've felt my mama closer to me than ever before since her passing. In so many ways it felt like a phone call from Heaven every Monday.

I've signed up for another round, this time without questions... well, maybe I have one that I'll ask, and I'm excited already. I know my mom is thanking God for you... I sure am.

Here is what the program includes

  • Signs & Symbols audio course is included with this program! Learn what signs and symbols your loved ones are sending you.
  • A weekly video from Carmel. Listen as she explains what it's like in heaven where your loved ones are, how to know when they are around you and so much more!
  • An audio clip emailed to you each week for 7 weeks biweekly, specifically from a Carmel connecting you with your loved one on the other side!
  • A new audio meditation given on week 4, that will teach you how to connect/visit with your loved one!
  • Keep the notes, videos and program forever!
  • An additional audio clip from Carmel that she explains the messages she's getting this week and gives even some more insight into what it's like being a Medium and the messages she's getting.

What did you think?


Thank you for the messages I received from my dad in week one. You were spot on with how he passed and I'm so happy to hear he is whole and well up in heaven. He was the sweetest man anyone could ever be lucky enough to know.


You have no idea how much joy and comfort your message has given me and my daughter... We honestly play the message over, and over, and over again every single day.

A Personal Connection

Receive specific messages from your loved ones every week!

Keep it forever

You'll have these messages forever!

7 Readings!

7 special mini readings from your loved ones every Monday!



My first 7 weeks with spirit was amazing! It was so spot on! To be able to hear a message from my sister was the best feeling ever! It was truly an amazing and very personal message! I would recommend anyone and everyone to get 7 weeks with spirits to get messages from their loved ones!