What's Really Happening To You?

“Let me help you!

I suffered for years, alone. I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t know how to manage it, or defeat it.

It turns out, there was a BIG secret that not many knew, but that changed my life!

Understanding energy is the key and my life was NEVER the same after that!

~ Carmel Baird




The Secret of Panic & Anxiety! 

For so many years I suffered with panic and anxiety. To the point where I wasn’t even able to leave my own home for over a year! Gripped with fear, riddled with guilt, and hiding from the world I had no idea what was happening to me or why.

I stumbled upon a secret that changed panic and anxiety in my life forever!

Do you wonder…

  • Why do I have such panic and anxiety?
  • How do I control it, or manage it?
  • Why is it happening to me?
  • Why does it feel like I’m going to die!?

This course is designed for anyone that’s been dealing with Panic and Anxiety, and haven’t been sure how to manage it or take control of their life.

Have the courage to step out of fear and step into freedom!



In this course, I will teach you the biggest secret to panic and anxiety. What’s really happening to you and how understanding this can now change your life forever!

You will learn several keys to managing anxiety and panic attacks.

I also included several new meditations, even one that you can use during a panic or anxiety attack to help take back control.


Lifetime Access

Once a student, always a student. You'll have lifetime access to Carmel's online courses.


This isn't a course on intuition or mediumship. This course is for anyone out there dealing with Panic and Anxiety!

NEW Meditations

3 meditations created just for this course! Download them on your devices.

Here's what you'll get!

8 Video Lessons

You will receive 8 in depth video lessons from Carmel. Each with a specific topic and coverage.

3 Meditations

3 meditations by Carmel, specifically designed for dealing with panic and anxiety. You can download them straight to your devices.

Is this course for ME?

This course is for ANYONE, suffering from any form of Panic and/or Anxiety,

If you want to gain control over anxiety and have the knowledge to take back your life and feel better then this is for you!

I will cover situational anxiety that is caused by grief, stress or life changes along with panic and anxiety that may come out of nowhere.

Do you have children suffering from anxiety or discomfort being in school or out in public? Parents can also take this course to be able to help give them the tools to feel confident and in control.

The Secret Of Panic & Anxiety is a way out of fear forever!


“I used to think I was crazy. I spent a year locked up in my home.

I was scared, and lost, and had no idea where to turn. 

Finally, I discovered a “Secret” that changed my life forever! 

Then it all became real. I learned how to manage my panic and anxiety. I learned that I could manage my relationships with others, I could take back the control of my life and step out from fear and step into freedom! 

~ Carmel Baird

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