Psychic Development Class With Melissa

Learn from Melissa in these Bi-weekly Drop In Classes!


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Learn With Melissa 

Melissa’s goal is to bring their students to the next level of their intuitive development in terms of confidence and competence and to create challenging yet nurturing learning opportunities.

Melissa is now a head facilitator at River Lane Ranch and has been learning with her mom for the past 6 years.

Here’s What You Will Learn

feature-butterfly-footerLearn how to use your intuition, we are all Psychic!

feature-butterfly-footerLearn how to calm panic and anxiety immediately!

feature-butterfly-footerFind out what your main gift is and how to use it.

feature-butterfly-footerWhat are chakras and how can they help you with connecting to the other side?

The overall goal of Psychic Development Classes is to get you to a place of comfort with your intuition and other psychic abilities so you will feel confident going utilizing the tools you’ve learned, so you can continue to practice on your own, whether it be for your own life or to help others.

feature-butterfly-footerListen as Melissa explains the best way to communicate with Spirits that may not be making sense.

feature-butterfly-footerLearn how to maximize your energy in a reading and minimize your energy when needed.

feature-butterfly-footerFind out how you can be accurate 100% of the time!

For years Melissa has taught hundreds of students the most intense, hands-on, comprehensive psychic development classes around! Her students have experienced, in a short time, knowledge that has allowed them to integrate the material into real life practice and move on to become readers of all kinds!

We are always students and always learning!

Psychic Development With Melissa

  • All classes are $25/class.
  • Pre-register and pay at class when you arrive!

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