We all have problems at different times in our lives. It’s normal to have problems,
but so many of us feel lost and just wish we had someone to help guide us through them.

In this reading Carmel works with your Guides, Angels and loved ones
to help bring resolution to your specific problem!

Psychic Guidance To Solve Your Problems

A brand new reading!

Something very specific on your mind? Let’s see how Carmel can help you!

Tell Carmel your problem and listen to the audio clip as she helps you solve it with guidance from your guides, Angels and loved ones.

Delivered to your inbox on April 30th, 2017!

Carmel Computer School of spirit

A Brand New Reading 

Carmel is a renowned Spiritual Medium, but also, one incredible Psychic! She’s been not only reading for clients over the past decade, but also teaching her students how to make that psychic connection for others.

In this audio reading, you are able to ask Carmel what’s really been a source of contention for you lately. Work? Finances? A move? A relationship? Do you have a health concern?

These are just some of the many questions that can be answered by Carmel!


What is on your mind? What do you NEED an answer to?

Carmel will connect with your loved ones, guides and angels. She will also turn to her guides, and maybe even her cards, and provide you with the guidance and insight that you need, at this point in your life. The audio reading will be sent to your email, you don’t even need to leave your home. You can download and save your reading.


How It Works!

  • You will receive an audio clip in your email inbox where you will listen to Carmel as she gives you psychic guidance to help you solve your problem.
  • Carmel will answer one question submitted by you at the time of purchase.
  • These are great mini readings for those who wish to receive guidance immediately.

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A few tips:
– These are psychic/intuitive readings and meant to give you direct guidance in your life now.
– Be clear and direct. Ask exactly what you want to know.
– Make sure you really want the answer to the question you are going to ask.