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Photo Readings 


Carmel will, through connecting with the photo of your loved one and the energy of your name, be able to deliver specific messages to you from your loved one on the other side. You will submit a question, along with upload a photo of your loved one and Carmel will focus on receiving the answer from the Spirit while giving you peace and confirmation that they are really with you.

She will also ask your loved one what their sign for you is at this time. The signs from them can change from time to time, so it’s nice to have accurate clear guidance directly from them telling you what to watch for to know they are with you. These readings are sent to your email via audio clip directly from Carmel.

How It Works!

  • Purchase your photo reading for $49.00
  • At the time of purchase, upload the photo of the loved one you wish to connect with, along with your question in the form provided.
    (Please make sure the photo is cropped so only the person you want to connect with is in the photo)
  • Watch your inbox for an email containing an audio clip mini reading from Carmel, with the messages she received while viewing the person you wanted to connect with.
  • Delivered to your inbox on September 30, 2017

Check Back Soon!

This product is not available for purchase at this time.