Have you ever wished you had a personal pen pal that you could write to and receive a message back every single month? 

This service is brand new and for the first time EVER, Carmel Baird opens up her heart and email to those who have always dreamed of having a Medium as their pen pal.

This is very limited and is a yearlong service. 12 months of emails back and forth between you and Carmel!

 This is a fun, in-depth and incredible way to communicate and interact with Carmel personally.

This service lets you email Carmel Baird two questions at the beginning of every month.

Two per month = Twenty four questions for the year!

Your questions MUST be received by the 1st of the month, and questions will be answered by the 15th of every month.  

You can ask anything! Your questions may be for your loved ones who have cross or about things going on in your life right now. If you are a student and learning how to become a Medium or Psychic…your question can be about development and guidance to learn from Carmel.

Health, love, finances, intuition, career …ask anything!

This is yet another way to get a monthly reading from Carmel Baird and receive on-going guidance via email.

Things to Note:

Questions may not be saved, extended, transferred to another month, or transferred to another person. 

You will be emailing a private email that only Carmel has access to and all emails are replied to by Carmel Joy Baird herself.

Once payment is received, directions on where to send your email psychic/mediumship questions will be provided to you.

Membership runs for one year and begins on January 1st, 2020.

This service cannot be altered or credited back to purchaser of any unused email psychic questions. 

**Please note program is very limited**

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