From Panic to Peace in Times of Chaos

Much of this online course is channelled, spiritual information that Carmel has received from her Master Guides over the last 6 months.

This course is unique and specific to not only the times the world is in but also the energy we may be feeling around us and within us.

Carmel has been channelling with her guides from the time she was a little girl. Long before she herself even knew what she was doing she was receiving guidance from Spirit.

This course is brand new and has never been offered before containing all new materials and guidance.

The 4 VIDEO lessons will be released twice weekly. One on Monday morning and one on Thursday morning.

Each lesson comes with guidance, homework and very specific clear channelled information that you can use at this time.

Receive your first lesson on March 26th, 2020!


Lesson 1

The World We Knew & the World We Know Now

Carmel will talk about how and where this chaos came from. You’ll get to watch her and listen as she clearly explains what her Guides have explained to her about Covid-19 virus, the world’s energy, where we were before, and where we are going now.

She takes a walk-through history with our ancestors in Spirit to help us look back at their challenging times so we can learn from them what we need to know to help us now.

You will receive lessons and/or exercises to do at home.

Lesson 2

Anxiety and Confusion 101

Carmel talks about the anxiety and confusion that many are feeling at this time. You’ll learn how to deal with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty you feel, so it doesn’t take over your life.

Working with Carmel’s Guides she will share with you a spiritual and connected approach that you can take to help navigate your day to day life at this time.

This lesson has very hands-on exercises to curb anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

Lesson 3

The Great Healing of 2020

In this video, Carmel will discuss the issues we are facing in the world right now and how they relate to Karma, energy patterns, and the vibration of the world.

What are we are putting out there vs. what we are receiving?

Where will we be in 3 months, 6 months and 1 year?

Find out in this informative and in-depth lesson as the Guides take you forward to be pre-warned and prepared.

Lesson 4

A Universal 12 Month Reading for All!

To complete this course Carmel is doing a video Universal Reading for all those who receive this program and are watching.

She will go step by step through her 2020 calendar and explain what every single month has to bring and how you can better prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Don’t have the calendar? No problem!

Receive Carmel’s 2020 Insight and Predictions Digital Calendar free with this course!

A $149.00 Value for FREE!

The world is more connected now than ever…this lesson brings peace, healing and will lower your anxiety by understanding and knowing what the entire year has to bring and how this time…you can be prepared!

Added Bonus!


Receive Carmel’s level one course for FREE when you sign up for Panic to Peace Carmel’s level 2 course on anxiety!

This course is for ANYONE, suffering from any form of Panic and/or Anxiety,

If you want to gain control over anxiety and have the knowledge to take back your life and feel better then this is for you!

This course will cover situational anxiety that is caused by grief, stress or life changes along with panic and anxiety that may come out of nowhere.

Do you have children suffering from anxiety or discomfort being in school or out in public? Parents can also take this course to be able to help give them the tools to feel confident and in control.

The Secret Of Panic & Anxiety is a way out of fear forever!

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Lifetime Access!

Once a student, always a student. You'll have lifetime access to your online courses and calendar!

4 Video Lessons!

Receive 4 Video lessons from Carmel filled with information channelled directly from her guides!

Hands-on Exercises!

Receive hands-on exercises to curb anxiety, fear and uncertainty!

What you will receive:

4 Video Lessons From Carmel $199.00

2020 Insight and Predictions Calendar $149.00 

The Secret of Panic and Anxiety Online $299.00

Lifetime Access to all three! Priceless!

Total Value:


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Receive your first video lesson on March 26th, 2020!


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Special note: A program like this would usually cost well over $200.00, but in light of what’s going on in our world right now we have done away with fancy bells and whistles and are going 100% natural & organic.

No editing and straight from Carmel’s home in quarantine!

This has allowed us to remove all additional costs and only charge the minimal cost of $19.99 to assist with web hosting and staff wages.

Thank you & we hope you enjoy the program!