44 Brand New Guided Meditations written and narrated by Carmel Baird


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44 Meditations to keep you mindful and present in your life! 

44 Mindful Moments of Meditation!

I meditate every single day and use these personal meditations daily to create overall health and wellness in my life.

There is something for everyone! An amazing collection of audio meditations for anyone looking for health, wellness, manifesting abundance and new things into their life, better sleep rejuvenation, and more! Decide which meditations you need each day. Whether you’re a beginner to meditation or have been practising for years, these meditations are perfect to connect yourself to your Spirit.

Carmel xo

44 Mindful Moments Of Meditation Title List

Body Scan For Better Health & Wellness

A Moment To Meet Your Loved One

Meet Your Guide and Ask A Question

The Way Back To Love

Manifesting Living Your Dream

A Day Dream By The Lake

Reset Back To Loving Kindness

Release All Anger And Resentment

Connect With Your Higher Self

Opening The Third Eye Intuition

Bedtime Meditation

Bringing Wealth And Prosperity To You

Gaining Perspective With Gratitude

Daily Protection Prayer

Grounded And Secure

The Gateway To Your Authentic Self

Release all Anxiety And Fears

Healing The Broken Heart

Romance Is In The Air

Healing Grief

Connecting To Source


The Truth Will Set You Free

The Four Keys To Balance

Solutions To Problems

Open And Balanced Chakras

Closed And Clean Chakras

Take A Vacation

Attract Money Instantly

Overcoming Bullying & Abuse

A Meeting In Heaven

Family Acceptance And Healing

A New Body Image

Happiness In An Instant

Door Number 8

Relieve Physical Pain

Be In The Moment

Worry Gone

Loving Me, Myself & I

Empowered To Succeed

Life As You Want It Affirmations

Meet Your Guardian Angel

Breathing Is Key

Shower Yourself In Joy

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Labour of Love

Meditations for all paths in your life! Love, pain, grief, joy... the list goes on

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