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Living An Empowered Life Workshop



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In Person Course!

Soul Alignment

Living An Empowered Life Workshop

Over the last several years I have merged into a much more private, intimate, heartfelt space in my life, and I have chosen to create courses & workshops that feel exactly the same.

Once upon a time… not so long ago, I would sit and teach others from my living room couch in a very private and focused session.

And now… I am offering these intimate learning experience again.

In today's busy lifestyle, we can often struggle to be empowered in our relationships.

We continually put everyone else first and often end up struggling with sickness, grief and/or financial difficulties or relationships and we can get lost in sadness, depression and emptiness.

In this unique and one of a kind workshop, Carmel will help her students come together to help them discover and embrace who they truly are.

Learn how to stay empowered in your relationships with family and friends. Create healthy boundaries and live a life of balance and joy! Become empowered in your work life and find the career you’ve always wanted.

This September, come to learn, grow, be inspired and connect! Taught in the peaceful surroundings of River Lane Ranch, this is the perfect way place to get grounded, find yourself again and start living an empowered life!

Carmel standing
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Is this workshop for you?
Ask Yourself These Questions?

 Do you ever feel lost and alone and unsure of your purpose? 

 Are you struggling with boundaries with family and friends?

 Do you give to everyone else and have nothing left for you?

 Are you struggling to find your confidence and speak your truth?

 Do you struggle with finances, grief, or sickness?

 Are there negative thoughts that hold you back and swirl around in your head constantly?

 Do you want to feel more confident and powerful in your life choices?

Did you answer "YES" to any of these questions?

If so, this Workshop is for you!


This small, intimate group of a maximum of 20 students allows for an intimate environment of deep understanding and connection. 

Carmel believes everyone in attendance at each of her workshops are divinely guided and brought together for a reason to help bring the love, support and guidance you need to each other to achieve and fulfill dream and goals.

You will connect with like-minded others and build your tribe! You will be guided to ask yourself some really important questions and no longer be afraid of the unknown and discover how to stay present and empowered even when you have difficult times in your life. 

It's time for you to create a life with balance and live a life full of joy!

Register now to align your soul and begin living an empowered life!


Carmel smudge 4

When: Saturday, September 23rd

Where: River Lane Ranch, Edmonton, Alberta

Time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Please bring your lunch and join us from 12:30pm to 1:00pm for an outdoor picnic!

You will be provided with a table and all supplies for any and all workshop activities. Please bring your own lunch and comfortable chair.

***Maximum of 20 students will be in attendance***

Living An Empowered Life Workshop


Availability: 7 in stock