Joy's Sale

Joy’s Sale Begins July 31st @ 12am

There is no greater gift the the gift of love


What’s Joy’s Sale All About …

Every August since Carmel’s Mom passed in November 2015 she has held a sale event in honour of her Mother’s Birthday. It may seem like a strange way to honour your Mom, but Carmel’s Mom (Joy) was a very special lady who was always thinking of everyone else.

Joy wanted to make sure that Carmel never forgot where she came from and the bigger purpose in her life of helping others. Not long before she passed away she asked Carmel to make a promise.  Of course, Carmel agreed she would promise anything her Mom wanted and agreed without even knowing what it was. 

Carmel promised her Mom to always try and make everything affordable and available to everyone as much as she possibly could. After she crossed over Carmel vowed every August to do what she could to ensure she gave of her time and service to those who maybe otherwise couldn’t afford it. 

Joy was amazed at her daughters ability to connect with the other side and watching and hearing client after client receive so many connections with their loved ones, brought her the most peace and joy in her own life. We hope she is beaming down from the other side, feeling just that as her daughter continues to find new and affordable ways to give the gift of Spirit to others. 

Check out Joy’s Sale for some new amazing ways to receive guidance and great deals! 

Joy’s Dollar Store Just Opened Up!

Joy loved Bingo & Dollar Stores so in Honour of Joy and her birthday tomorrow, on August 14th we’ve added a Dollar store to the sale for the last 48 hours the sale is available.

This means that when you make a purchase of ANY item in the Joy Sale you can get one of the items below for just $1.00!

What? That’s unheard of …a sale within a sale!!!!

Pick any of these options from the dropdown on each item in the sale to add your $1.00 item to your purchase! Click the item to find out more about what it is and see it’s regular price! You’ll be saving a ton in honour of Joy!

Negativity Knockout

Regular $299.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

The Secret of Panic And Anxiety

Regular $299.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

Mediumship 101 & Master Class

Regular $548.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

52 Weekly Meditations

Regular $119.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

Messages With Carmel & Melissa

Regular $40.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

365 Days of Inspirational Messages

Regular $119.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

The Ultimate Clearing

Regular $79.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

Spiritual & Intuitive Development

Regular $199.00

ONLY $1.00 with ANY purchase in the sale!

Click here to add your item For Just A Dollar!*


A qualifying purchase must be made in order to be eligible for the dollar deals. Purchase any one, non-dollar item in the Joy Sale to qualify!

Limit one, $1.00 item, per non-dollar item purchased.

New Amazing Readings!

Text Messages From Heaven!

Joy’s Sale Price: $59.00


Order Your Text Message From Heaven!

For the first time EVER, you can now receive a mediumship reading from Carmel via Text Message! Yes, that’s right…a text message Mediumship reading!

Carmel will connect to your chosen loved one and send you a text message with their messages to you from the other side.

How does it work?

  1. After your purchase, you will receive a follow-up receipt with the phone number for you to text to receive your mediumship reading.
  2. Send a text message to Carmel with your order number, your first name only and text a photo of the loved one you wish to connect with or if you don’t have a photo send the their first name in the text.   Please include the relationship of the loved one to you. Are they your mother, brother, grandparent, friend, etc.  Please allow up to 7 business days to receive your reply text message reading.
  3. Receive your reading and enjoy your messages from the other side!

New Holiday Readings With a Bonus

Receive a Predictions Reading for 2019!


For some, it isn’t until after they lose a loved one, that they realize, just how special it is to share the holidays with our loved ones. Holidays are typically when we think about them and miss them the most.  It’s in these times that we long for a personal connection and need to hear from them. So in Joy’s honour, Carmel has created these Special Holiday Readings to give you the connection with your loved ones when you are needing it most.

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult times when we have lost those who are so close to us.   We have so many great memories and often wish we could have just one more moment with them.  This reading is set up to give you that connection  Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2018!

Here’s How It Works:

Carmel will be given the name of your loved one, she will make a connection with them and record an audio clip message while doing that. The audio clip will be emailed to you on those exact dates! Yes, that’s right, you will receive your reading on Thanksgiving Day, October 8th, 2018 and Christmas Day, December 25, 2018! You’ll receive a message from your loved one when you need to hear it the most!

But that’s not all…..

As a bonus, you will also receive a personal audio from Carmel with her predictions for you for 2019! Your audio will be emailed directly to you by September 30th! Knowing what lies ahead for you in 2019 can prepare you for what is to come. What challenges and successes lie ahead? To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

New – Holiday Readings

Joy’s Sale Price: $149!


Book Your Holiday Readings Today!

Here are the dates you'll receive a reading:

  • Thanksgiving:
    Canada October 8, 2018
    USA, Europe, Australia November 23, 2017
  • Christmas Day:
    December 25, 2018
  • Bonus! 2019 Predicitions Reading
    Learn what lies ahead for you in 2019!

Open Mediumship Messages with Carmel & Melissa In Person


Experience a Live Open Mediumship Event with Carmel & Melissa in a peaceful group setting at River Lane Ranch!

Carmel and her daughter Melissa will take the stage to deliver messages from the other side and give some very special life guidance!

Listen as Carmel and Melissa share with you what life is really like living as Mediums!

Then, ladies will pull random tickets with those present and deliver Mediumship and/or psychic messages to those who are chosen. Watch and listen as you witness members of the audience have connections with their loved ones on the other side and healing messages and guidance from the other side, as well as you may have your own opportunity to receive messages as well!

All ticket holders will receive a ticket upon arrival. During the Open Mediumship, we will pull ticket numbers for Carmel. Each lucky ticket number that’s pulled will receive Open Mediumship during the event.


Date: Friday, August 24th, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM
Gate Opens at 5:30 PM for VIP Ticket Holders
VIP With Carmel: 5:45 PM – 6:45 PM
On Stage with Carmel & Melissa: 7:00 PM

Location: River Lane Ranch 2222 137 Ave NE, Edmonton

VIP Seating: $200 per ticket – ONLY 20 SEATS AVAILABLE

Regular Seating: $40 per ticket

What your VIP ticket includes:

Early entry to the event

Light beverages and snacks

Reserved soft seating

Ask Carmel or Melissa one question privately (chosen by random draw)

A special envelope with a Postcard from Heaven Message and Signs and Symbols card!

Everyone present at the event receives a ticket and is entered to have a chance to connect with their loved ones, no matter where your sitting! Carmel and Melissa do a random draw, those chosen receive readings live at the event to connect with their loved ones!

Be a VIP at the River Lane Ranch 2018 Festival!


All Day VIP Pass!

When: September 22nd, 2018 – All day VIP!

Where: River Lane Ranch, Edmonton Alberta

Cost: $250.00

All tickets are non-refundable

Depositphotos_46322067_m-2015 (1)


Get Your VIP Tickets Today!


Join us for a FULL day of FUN!

Here’s what your All Day VIP Pass will include:

  • Early entry into the River Lane Ranch Festival.
  • Reserved seating for all stage events including Q&A with Carmel, Classes, Special Guest Performances etc.
  • Private lunch buffet served by Team Baird between 12 pm and 1 pm
  • Private Open Mediumship with Carmel for VIP’s only!
  • VIP only exclusive area to sit and relax throughout the day
  • Special gift bag, with VIP exclusive goodies, coupons and products.
  • Arrive at the Festival and receive a special envelope with a Post Card From Heaven Message and Signs & Symbols card from Carmel pulled specifically for you, given at the gate when you arrive!
  • NEW!  Join a private small group, for a Healing with Horses circle. These private sessions are only available at the Festival for VIP’s. Experience healing, profound inspiration, and guidance with these sessions. Let the horses do what they do best and heal. Nervous of horses? No problem! These sessions will help heal your fear of horses and anything else in your life that may be holding you back. Many have said these circles are life-changing.

Messages From Heaven


Join this private small, exclusive group reading and receive a reading from Carmel from the comfort of your home! You can be anywhere in the world to join! Carmel will speak personally and directly to each person in the live webinar! She will connect with each attendee giving validation that their loved ones are with them and provide loving, healing messages from the other side.

Was: $275 Now: $225 Save $50!

Register Today!

What You'll Get

  • All those in attendance are guaranteed to get a reading with Carmel!
  • Connect with your loved ones and receive direct guidance from the other side.
  • Write down your questions ahead of time, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Private intimate setting. Join from the comfort of your own home!
  • The session will be recorded, and a link to view will be sent to you via email post event.
  • There will only be 3 people per group! We'll get right to your readings, no chit-chat, just loving messages!

Find Peace With Carmel’s Soul Alignment Workshops!

Soul Alignment Workshop Level 1

Discover the Wisdom Within

This life-changing weekend, Soul Alignment Training • Discover the wisdom within, was created to guide you to live a more meaningful and authentic life that aligns with your goals, truths, aspirations, and more.

Have you ever felt…

Overcome with feelings of guilt, isolation, fear, unfulfilled, confusion, loss, and frustrated to the point you often ask yourself, “what am I doing here anyway?” if so, this weekend will show you how to tap into one of the most amazing resources and natural GPS systems you already have— YOUR SOUL!

In this unique and life-changing program you will spend the weekend discovering and accessing your Higher Self and receiving guidance and answers to life’s simple questions.

Saturday is a full day of Healing with Horses hands on Work Shop.

Find out where you’re out of alignment, mentally, physically and emotionally and what the world’s most intuitive animal thinks you need in your life right now.

Sunday is filled with egoless information from your Divine Spirit and exercises to help you dive deeper inside yourself for the answers you’re seeking at this time.

Carmel will teach you step-by-step to discover an awareness of the spiritual shifts and pulls that are creating the life you’re living right now. We bet you have no idea what’s really happening.

It’s time to align your soul!


Register Today!

Investment $595 SALE $395

Cost per person: $595Sale:$395

**50% Down Payment Due Upfront – Remaining Balance Due At Event**

When: October 27th & 28th, 2018
Saturday & Sunday
10am – 4pm  2 breaks & 1 lunch break

(Lunch is included both days)
Location: The weekend may be held outdoors if weather permitting or indoors in the new facility at River Lane Ranch

Soul Alignment Workshop Level 2

Investment $595 SALE $395

Cost per person: $595Sale:$395

**50% Down Payment Due Upfront – Remaining Balance Due At Event**

When: December 1st & 2nd, 2018
Saturday & Sunday
10am – 4pm  2 breaks & 1 lunch break

(Lunch is included both days)
Location: The weekend may be held outdoors if weather permitting or indoors in the new facility at River Lane Ranch

Dive Deeper Into Your Soul!

You’ve opened up and discovered how to connect with your Higher self. There was a huge Soul Awakening and shift that was magically felt in part 1 of that transformational weekend at River Lane Ranch, and now you want to continue to stay on the path and dive deeper into your soul.

Carmel calls it the healing journey, some say it’s an awakening or shift …whatever it is, you felt it and now you want more!

Level 2 takes you even further along the journey to achieving balance, enlightenment, and soul growth.

Enjoy the majestic beauty of the Ranch in the winter season in our indoor event arena!


Register Today!

Level 5 – The Blue Seal Medium

The Final & Ultimate Level of Mediumship & Intuitive Mastery

Blue Seal Medium

Yes, I’m Ready To Become A Blue Seal Medium

There are a lot of life lessons, challenges and obstacles that you will go through living your life as a Medium. It will be amazing and sometimes not so amazing, but the most important thing is that you’re living your true divine path and accepting the journey that you chose in this lifetime. A journey that is to serve and help others with their life lessons, while guiding them through with healing messages and insight from the other side. All healers whether they know it or not, are working their way towards becoming Life Masters or also known as Ascendant Masters. They are old souls who often feel alone and troubled because they can’t seem to find just where they fit, or why others don’t understand.


We are all moving and striving to live in this lifetime with as little ego as possible. Mediums and healers need to strive to have the most divine Spiritual faith and the least amount of ego and stress. This is sometime easier said, than done.


You’ll need to let go of the control, ego, judgment, drama, chaos, insecurities, doubts, shame and so much more.


Level 5 is the final leg of the journey set out by Carmel to help you understand Mediumship & Intuition and to become what she refers to as a Blue Seal Medium.


If you have already taken Levels 1-4 (Awaken Your Spirit, Extensive Mediumship, Mediumship 101 and Master Class) you are qualified to now take Level 5 – The Blue Seal Medium, that will give you a Blue Seal stamp to prove you’ve completed all five levels at this point in your journey.


Earning your Level 5 Blue Seal proves that you not only meet Carmel Baird’s standards, but you also have the drive to continue to develop and learn as a Medium and/or Intuitive.

To obtain a Blue Seal Medium Certificate you must:

  • Complete levels 1- 5 ( 1-4 are Pre-requisites before beginning this program)
  • Complete the Level Five Blue Seal - 7 week program online
  • Complete 10 readings with clients filling out the feedback form ( 2 clients are chosen by Carmel Baird. Length of readings must be 30minute minimum)
  • Complete a written test and submit answers to the office
  • Speak with Carmel Baird on the phone for a one on one interview

Blue Seal Medium – Level 5

Available Now For: $399.00

Yes! I’m Ready To Be A Blue Seal Medium