We're having a Party!

Sale dates:

August 13th to August 19th!


Hi there,

Every August since my Mom passed in November 2015 I have held a sale event in honour of her Birthday. It may seem like a strange way to honour your Mom, but my Mom (Joy) was a very special lady who was always thinking of everyone else.

My Mom wanted to make sure that I never forgot where I came from and the bigger purpose in my life of helping others. I promised to always try and make everything affordable and available to everyone as much as I possibly can.

Check out Grandma Joy’s Birthday Party for some new amazing ways to receive guidance, great deals and new items! 

SPECIAL NOTE – Grandma Joy loved games and puzzles and she also loved giving away free stuff! Each item in the Grandma Joy Birthday Party has a special bonus game you can play to receive a Free Gift!

All my love, Carmel, xo 


Final Day! 

Monday’s Bonus is activated right now! 

Monday bonus: Free Moonology Reading!

Today’s bonus is something very special that has never been offered before.

What is a Moonology Reading? 

The phases of the moon and the position of the stars have a powerful effect on our everyday lives. 
Carmel uses a deck of cards that were named after moon phases and positions in the star signs, the cards in this deck provide the answers to your questions about your life and they offer teachings on moon phases and moon positions and how they will affect you. 

Carmel will draw 3 cards for you. Past, present and future. Each card shows how the energy of a moon position and how it relates to an area of your life, including life goals, love, healing, family, work, money and success, plus Carmel will give you the action you need to take moving forward. 

Every purchase made between Monday, August 19th at 12:00 am MST and 11:59 pm MST  will receive a FREE Moonology Reading!

**Please note: Your reading will be mailed to you by September 30th.**

Soul Alignment Night!

 The purpose of life is to live in alignment with who you really are.

When you live in alignment, you can’t help feeling happy, life becomes a moment by moment flow of thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions that match up with exactly what your soul needs.

Your soul has a purpose, a truth, a vision and as long as you stay in soul alignment, you will flow naturally to the life you are meant to be living!

Whether you’ve been on a spiritual journey for years or you are just beginning to awaken your soul this evening workshop will give you practical exercises and tools to help bring you into alignment and stay in alignment through all of life’s challenges.

We caught up in our day to day tasks, we are challenged with obstacles and hurdles that want to push us out of alignment. We begin to question ourselves and give in to fear, become overwhelmed and out of alignment. This class is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your soul to receive the answers and guidance you need!

When: Thursday, October 3, 2019 

Where: River Lane Ranch

2222 137 ave NE, Edmonton

Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost: $150.00 per person

What will you learn?

 – Are you aligned?

– Reconnect with who you really are.

– Leave with a new soul aligning Meditation & prayer.

– Practical exercises to use in your daily life.

– And so much more!


Regular $150.00

Grandma Joy’s Birthday Party

Just $99.00!

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Grandma Joy’s Birthday Bonus!

Grandma Joy loved Wheel of Fortune! She loved watching contestants spin the wheel, solve the puzzles and win fabulous prizes! Solve the puzzle below and receive a mystery bonus! Simply type in your answer in the spot provided at purchase! Mystery bonus will be emailed to you between August 20th to 25th.

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What does your astrology and the Universe have to say about you?

Psychics and Mediums are very connected to the universe. The position of the planets and the stars can affect our mood, our personality, and can give us insight into who we are.

Understanding how the stars have aligned for you in order to help you navigate your way through your personal life journey the best you can!

You will receive 3 audio cards:

The Zodiac Sign card, the Planet card, and the House card.

The Zodiac Sign Card represents universal energy that is around you based on your birthdate.

The Planet card represents part of your personality that’s engaged in this lifetime.

The House card represents an area of your life to focus on in this lifetime.

Receive 3 audio clips with the meaning of each card and a picture of your reading that you can download and have forever!

Regular $79.00

Grandma Joy’s Birthday Party

Just $39.00!

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Grandma Joy’s Birthday Bonus!

Receive a FREE Crystal Reading!

Grandma Joy’s favourite gemstone crystal is Peridot the gemstone of her birthday month! Each Birthday Astrology Reading will receive a bonus crystal reading for free!

Find out what crystal you need to carry with you at this time and why!

Receive your Free Crystal Reading by September 15th!

You were born with a gift! 

Each and every one of us is born with a gift or talent. There is nothing more saddening than going through life without acknowledging, accepting and using your special gift.

But….what if you have no idea what your special gift or talent is?

In this reading, Carmel will tell you what your Special Gift or talent is in this lifetime and what this gift means for you!

Regular $59.00

Grandma Joy’s Birthday Party

Just $39.00!

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Grandma Joy’s Birthday Bonus!

Grandma Joy loved Word Searches!

Find 5 words in the Word Search and type them in the spot provided at purchase to receive a Free Mystery Bonus! Mystery bonus will be emailed to you between August 20th to 25th.

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Become a Psychic Investigator!

In 2019, studies show that there is a growing acceptance of the services of Psychics and Mediums when it comes to criminal investigations.

Police have said they often get dozens of offers from Mediums and Psychics to offer their services in helping to find the missing person or unsolved crimes, but they find it very difficult to weed out the professional authentic Mediums and those who just want to offer insight or gain information about their cases.

True story. The police and families in need want and require the help of Mediums and Psychics but unfortunately many with this gift have no idea how to get involved, how to give accurate messages or how to explain what they are feeling or seeing in terms that can be understood.

Carmel’s long-time course Mediumship 101 teaches you how to work on Missing Person cases and crimes but this new program takes it one step further.

Finally a program that is specifically for those who are serious about putting Psychic Detective as part of their resume.

This course will cover everything you need to know about Psychic Detective work. Helping you to build a strong foundation needed becoming a successful psychic detective. Carmel will provide you with the building blocks that will pave the way from beginner work, all the way to intermediate and advanced. By the end of the course, students will have had in-depth instruction and practice of describing people, locations and vehicles.

They will also learn how to determine if a missing person is dead or alive.

Note:  Students must successfully complete quizzes to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and intuitive tasks presented.  

This course allows the student to progress at their own pace.

Beginner or advanced you will be amazed by what you will learn!

Receive 10 Weekly Audio Lessons beginning on September 1st!

Join two in-depth learning webinars!

Work on real missing person cases and unsolved crimes!

Regular $199.00

Grandma Joy’s Birthday Party

Just $99.00!

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Grandma Joy’s Birthday Bonus!

Grandma Joy loved Free Stuff!

Receive a Free Psychic Investigation Reading when you purchase Carmel’s Psychic Investigation Online course! Is there a question you have for Carmel? A missing item? Unanswered question? This is your chance to receive the answer you’ve been looking for! You will receive a link in your receipt after purchase to submit your question for Carmel!

It’s the Grand Finale!

The time has come …

For a few years now I have been doing mini audio readings for those who are in need of insight or direction in their lives.

It was actually an idea that I came up with shortly after my Mom passed as a way to be able to help those who were in need and couldn’t wait for a message or direction in their lives.

I love doing these readings and I have made it a huge focus of my day to day life but… the time has come and this is the very last time these readings will be for sale.

I have mentioned several times this year that my business is taking new form, shape and direction and this is just one more step of my amazing plan.


For the last time, I am giving you an opportunity to purchase 1 or more of these mini-readings.

Choose from:

Psychic Text Message Reading

Ask a Psychic Question about love, finances, relationships etc, and receive guidance (not mediumship). 

Love and Romance Reading

What’s going on in your love life?

Spirit Guide Reading

What’s your Spirit Guides name and what message do they have for you at this time?

Animal Spirit Guide Reading

Who is your totem animal and what is their message for you?

Angel Guide Reading

What message does your Angel have for you?

Ancestor Wisdom Reading

Connect with an ancestor on the other side!

Financial Reading

Ask a Question about your finances! What guidance does your team have on the other side for your finances?

Past Life Reading

Who were you in another lifetime and what do you need to overcome in this lifetime?

Yes or No Reading

Ask your question and receive a yes or no answer!

What is my lesson Reading

What’s your biggest Life Lesson in this lifetime?



10 Mini Readings! Huge Savings!

The regular price of these readings is between $25.00 to $79.00.

Purchase your choice of one mini reading for $25.00 each!


Purchase your choice of five mini readings for $100.00!


Purchase all 10  mini readings for just $175.00!

The last curtain call is here …

These mini readings are only available in the Grandma Joy Birthday Party event when the Grandma Joy Sale ends …the one-off mini readings are gone. Never again will you be able to go onto my website or purchase one of these in a sale.

After purchase, you will receive a link in your receipt to a form to fill out to choose your Mini Readings! You may gift or keep for yourself as many readings as you like, just enter the name and email address of the person you would like to gift in the form after purchase. Gift your mini-readings to as many people as you like!

Grandma Joy’s Birthday Party Special!

One Mini Reading for $25.00!

Purchase One Mini Reading!

Five Mini Readings for $100.00!

Purchase Five Mini Readings!

All 10 Mini Readings for $175.00!

Purchase Ten Mini Readings!

P.S  If you are currently waiting on an outstanding mini-reading all mini-readings will be complete by September 30th, 2019. You can still make a purchase in Grand Finale Mini Readings, as this is your last chance to take advantage of insight like this!

Grandma Joy’s Birthday Bonus!

Grandma Joy loved Free Stuff!

Purchase any of the Mini readings and receive JOY Meditations Free! Your meditations will automatically be added to your account after purchase!