Step into your intuitive gifts

Experience a deeper awareness and communication with Spirit and the Universe.

You’ve taken dozens and dozens of courses, or maybe you’ve been kicking the tires and spinning your wheels with your abilities and gifts for some time now.  …but now is the time.

In 2019 spiritual development is more important than ever!

To begin communicating with Spirit loved ones on the other side, and experience profound connection and guidance in your own life or for others. This Intuitive Power Workshop will do that and more!

In this workshop you will:

  • Gain confidence and meet like-minded others.
  • Communicate with Spirit loved ones on the other side.
  • Discover how to dig deeper with Spirit and get stronger messages.
  • Deliver accurate and verifiable messages using your intuition.
  • Learn how to bring healing and peacefulness to others with your abilities.
  • Create a safe and sacred space for clearing, healing, and ceremony.
  • Gain the confidence to organize your own workshop, development, healing & sharing circles.
  • Use simple, effective, and easy-to-learn techniques to improve the ease and quality of your work with Spirit.
  • Learn how to apply this learning and awareness in your everyday life, with friends, clients, family, and relationships.

This workshop is designed to give you hours and hours of learning and content and help you find a profound trust and confidence like never before.

Remove you from every-day distractions to allow you to dive into your personal development and discovery for fast and profound results, which you will be able to recreate on your own outside of this class.


Three highly gifted teachers join together to bring you an incredible, never before offered, learning experience.

Together they will teach you all the skills you need to deliver transformative messages from Spirit and provide accurate and meaningful messages for yourself and others.

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River Lane Ranch

2222 137 Ave NE, Edmonton


Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, September 22


10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day

Bring your lunch and join us for an outdoor picnic!

By learning in a likeminded group and in a safe environment with not 1, but 3 teachers, they are able to provide tons of attention and guidance. As you develop your abilities and navigate the teachings, for your most powerful results, you will be amazed and enlightened by your gifts.


You will also have the unique opportunity to experience hands-on practical training with like-minded others, to develop your competence, confidence, and experience in each technique and modality and receive feedback and validation from fellows to enhance your every-day practice as you move forward in your studies.

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