Are you ready to stop wondering what your animal companions think and feel and start trusting your intuition and communicating with them instead?

I get it.

Here’s how it plays out …

You are almost certain when you look at your animal they are looking right back at you and speaking to your soul. Soul to Soul communication.

But then you second guess that because it sounds woo woo and you’re worried other people will think ..this is nuts!

So you say nothing and secretly wonder the rest of the day ” Did my horse just tell me they hate their new feed? Is my dog trying to explain that he has a sore leg? Does my mare really hate that guy I want to lease her too?”

The truth is…animals can communicate. They are not inanimate objects. They communicate all the time with each other and not just by sounds or body movements.

They are likely even more intuitive than us. We may have the higher intelligence (in some cases lol) but the animals have the sense to know what’s happening and going on with them and around them.

And here’s the kicker …they can tell us.

All you have to do is know how to listen. How to really, really, really…listen.

If you’re willing to step just a tiny bit outside of your comfort zone, or maybe for some of you…you are already all the way out of your comfort zone and agree that in 2019, we have come to the realization that animals have been communicating with us for years and it’s time we start to listen.

Then please join me this July 7th at River Lane Ranch for our Full-Day Intuitive Animal Communication Clinic!

They speak …so we need to learn to listen

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Learn with Carmel Joy Baird

Carmel Joy Baird is a world-renowned, best-selling author, reality t.v star and a gifted spiritual medium who owns River Lane Ranch located just outside Edmonton, Alberta. She is one of the most grounded, down to earth individuals you will ever meet, and yet ..she can communicate with the other side.

River Lane Ranch is home to many animals and specifically Carmel’s breed of heart, the Gypsy Cob horses. She has been communicating with Spirits and animals since she was a small child.

Carmel believes we all have the ability to communicate with Spirit, in fact, she believes it is our birthright! Whether you choose to develop it or not’s your gift to have.

Join Carmel for her Full- Day Intuitive Animal Communication Clinic at River Lane Ranch where she will teach you how to connect with animals and build a deeper connection.

Everyone is welcome. No previous experience with animals is necessary.

What will you learn?

  • General Check In: Learn how to quickly check in with your animal. Discover their feelings, their mood and their general well being.
  • Behavioural Problems: Learn to communicate with your animal to understand what the real issues are behind their behavioural problems and how you can resolve them.
  • Physical Problems: Learn how to determine what physical ailments your animal is experiencing, the level of pain and where the energy is blocked within their body to develop healing methods for each individual animal.
  • Deepen Your Connection: Learn to connect with your animal on a deeper level to deepen and strengthen the bond.

 Animals are masters at reading energy and they have a deep understanding of what is going on energetically around them. They have a natural ability to quickly adapt to any situation. They spend their lives observing and responding to the energy around them, picking up on the smallest details. 

When we learn to communicate with them and engage in meaningful conversation with an animal it opens up a whole new world.  They feel free that they finally get the chance to voice things as they see them and share their feelings and thoughts as they understand the world around them. Communicating with animals brings our connection to them to an incredible new level.


Sunday, July 7th, 2019


River Lane Ranch 2222 137 Ave NE, Edmonton


10:00 am to 4:00 pm


$299.00 per person

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