Level 2

Intuitive Animal Communication

Dive deeper into Animal Communication!

This course will help you uncover the blocks that may be inhibiting your connection with the animals. 

Take the next step on your path to communicating with Animals, and learn what they are truly saying to you. Learn about body language, reactions and so much more.

Explore your spiritual communion with all the kingdoms of nature, the essence of communication with domestic and wild animals, plants, minerals, the elements, and the Earth. 

You will discover your natural ability to commune with animals and nature using practical exercises and in-depth and hands-on training.

Learn in person with

Carmel Joy Baird

Carmel Joy Baird is a world-renowned, best-selling author, reality t.v star and a gifted spiritual medium who owns River Lane Ranch located just outside Edmonton, Alberta. She is one of the most grounded, down to earth individuals you will ever meet, and yet ..she can communicate with the other side.

River Lane Ranch is home to many animals and specifically Carmel’s breed of heart, the Gypsy Cob horses. She has been communicating with Spirits and animals since she was a small child.

Carmel believes we all have the ability to communicate with Spirit, in fact, she believes it is our birthright! Whether you choose to develop it or not ..it’s your gift to have.

Join Carmel for her Full- Day Level 2 Intuitive Animal Communication Clinic at River Lane Ranch where she will teach you how to connect with animals and build a deeper connection.

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Sunday, February 9th, 2020


River Lane Ranch 2222 137 Ave NE, Edmonton


10:00 am to 4:00 pm


$299.00 per person

**Please note: This class is limited to 20 students**

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