3 Months that will change your life forever!

There was a time when it was commonly thought that the best way to help an individual with a problem was to wait until he/she hit “rock bottom.”

When that person’s life was so adversely affected by going through so many struggles, trials and tribulations that they continued to have to learn the same life lessons over and over, it was said rock bottom would come and they would change.

However, over the past few years, this thought process has evolved. Spiritual Mediums Carmel Baird and Melissa Baird have discovered that a series of bad life choices, repetitive life lessons and lack of self-love and confidence to live one’s true divine life, is not a result of ignorance or lack of trying, but instead a lack of knowledge and understanding to make lasting change and find love.

As a result, in their private readings, teachings and sessions they have been able to help those afflicted with pain, suffering, distrust, difficulties in relationships, lack of confidence, goal setting and finding their true life’s purpose.

An Intervention From Spirit is the process by which Carmel and Melissa will show you that you no longer have to suffer from the negative impact, repetitive struggles and difficult hurdles that you may feel engulfed in right now.

How Does An Intervention From Spirit work?

The first step will be to determine what help you need and the best place to start.

A Spiritual intervention takes place when someone is willing to throw up their hands and say …

•I’m in!

•I’m done playing games!

•I have nothing left to lose!

•I have nothing else to hide!

•I am tired of living like this!

•I no longer want to pretend!

•I’m letting go and letting Spirit!

•I’m trusting it all!

•I can’t hide anymore!


•Let’s do this!

If you’re ready to give 100% …your teachers are 100% ready to give!

Share your story personally with Carmel and Melissa


When you join the program, you will be asked to send us a letter. You can send it anonymously or share your name. Your letter will be submitted via a form on the Carmel Joy Baird website and will be completely anonymous if you so desire.

Your letter will be read personally both Carmel and Melissa. They will use this these personal stories to download from Spirit and customize the program to meet the needs of this specific group.

The universe only draws those together that are ready to take this life-changing journey of self-discovery and permanent healing.  If this program is speaking to you then, NOW IS THE TIME!


Join 3 Monthly Webinars


Carmel & Melissa


Each month Carmel and Melissa will host a private webinar. These webinars will be raw, real and in-depth.

Spend three hours in each webinar receiving all the tools you need to create change that will last a lifetime and impact in your life TODAY AND FOREVER!

They will be working to get to the root and the heart of the blocks in your life to free you from the things that are holding you back, keeping you stuck and preventing you from achieving your dreams, goals, and life’s purpose.

This Program Includes a Private Facebook Group!

Carmel and Melissa believe that ongoing support throughout this program is extremely important which is why they have decided the best way to do that is through an active Facebook support and community where they can go live and add content to support you at any time through the program.

You will connect with others on their journey as well as Carmel and Melissa! Share your journey, gain support and find your tribe of like-minded individuals.




But that’s not all…


Those in the program will be given exclusive access to additional guidance with Carmel and Melissa. 

Additional add on opportunities for various readings, personal coaching calls, exclusive products and services.

*** Please note these are only available to those in the program***

Book your private personal coaching call with Melissa. These calls will be exclusively available for purchase to those in the program. Receive one on one guidance when you need it most.


What will you get with this program?

  • Live 3 hour monthly webinar. These webinars are recorded and you will receive a link to view them again and again.
  • Join a private Facebook group for those in the program. Connect directly with Carmel, Melissa and others in the program.
  • Share your story personally with Carmel and Melissa and have them support you on your journey. You can share this anonymously if you wish.
  • Exclusive, private personal coaching calls with Melissa will be available for purchase only to those in the program.
  • Additional add on various opportunities for those only in the program.

Purchase this three-month program for

One payment of $175.00


Three monthly payments of $75.00.

More details in your follow up email after purchase.

Start your journey to real, lasting, change today!



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