New Mini Reading!

When Carmel wants a sign from her Guides, Animals Guides, Spirits and Mother Earth she goes for a walk. Anything she sees or is drawn to she picks up along the way.

Each item she find holds a specific meaning to her that she trusts and intuitively knows she was meant to find right at that exact time in her life. It feels so good and brings so much peace to receive direct guidance and these special messages from Spirit.

For the first time she is now sharing this guidance with you!

Here’s how it works

Step 1. Go for a walk and let your intuition guide you. Whatever you find in nature on your walk, pick up along the way. (Max 4 things)

Step 2. Lay out the objects and take a photo and use the link you received in your receipt after purchase to upload the photo and submit it.

Step 3. Carmel will view your photo and record your mini audio reading, explaining the signs, the symbols, meanings and everything in between for the items you found!

Step 4. Receive your mini audio reading via email on or before May 31st. Listen to your specific guidance and what the items you found mean for you!

These Interactive Nature Readings will give you more insight and information than you could ever imagine!

Everything holds meaning and has purpose!

Trust Spirit and find out what messages nature has for you today!

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Just $49.00!

Receive your mini audio reading by May 31st!

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