Instant Messages From Spirit

Your quick go-to guide, when you need answers NOW!

Recently Carmel shared in an episode of her Keeping up With Carmel video series how she gets readings for herself from Spirit when she’s in a 911 situation.

She’s now offering you Instant Messages From Spirit that will be right there for you whenever you need them.

Much more in-depth and in tune than a magic 8 ball these audio messages will give you the guidance and insight you need to hear exactly when you need it.

Heres how it works:

You are in a place and you need some guidance from Sprit right away.

Things like …

  • I am considering a move. Is this a good idea?
  • I want to forgive my Uncle for what he did, but how can I?
  • We are so worried about financials are we going to be okay?
  • I miss my loved one on the other side so much, what would they want me to know right now?

All you have to do is log in to your account at and go to your online courses where all your instant messages will be stored.

Next ..take a moment and place your hand on your heart. Ask the question or state the area in your life that you need guidance on right now. You can write this or say it out loud.

Then trust Spirit and randomly choose whichever audio number from the list you feel most drawn to.

Listen as Carmel gives you the guidance you are meant to hear at this time.

Not once …but over and over again Spirit and Carmel will be there for you in your times of need!

The cost of this simple yet effective reading is just $19.99 for a limited time!

Regular $49.00 Sale just $19.99!

Receive your messages on your account immediately after purchase!

Begin receiving guidance right away!

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