The Spiritual World Unites!

For the first time ever, Spiritual Mediums, Healers, Psychic’s and Visionaries from across the globe will join forces to Help Save Australian Bushfire Animals.

It is our intention to raise as much money as we can!

With a FREE live webinar “Readings for Relief” Charity Telethon will run for hours, during which we will be uniting a team of International Psychics and Mediums with one mission: to help save Australia’s bushfire affected Animals.


* Canada / US: Sunday, Jan 19, starting at 12 noon MST (11 am in California)
* UK: Sunday, January 19, starting at 7pm
* Australia: Monday, Jan 20, starting at 6am EST (Sydney time)

Australia is world renown for its unique wildlife: from its kangaroos, koalas, and wombats, to its emus, echidnas, and platypus. Some of our native animals are cute and fluffy, like our possums, numbats, and quolls, while others – like our snakes, crocodiles, and spiders aren’t so cuddly. From our cheeky cockatoos, galahs and laughing kookaburras to our majestic black swans, colourful lorikeets, wedge-tailed eagles and owls, Australia’s wildlife is as beautiful as it is diverse. 

But, with the catastrophic bushfires sweeping the beautiful country aside in its wake, many of are feeling powerless to protect the beloved animals, birds, reptiles, and insects from its deadly reach.

With approximately 1.25 billion animals already lost to the flames to date, the only thing we can do is offer support, safe refuge and healing to the animals that have miraculously survived what many have described as an ‘apocalyptic inferno’.

So, we have decided to join forces to spread awareness, raise funds and help the animals by doing what we do best – connecting people with Spirit!

The webinar is FREE, so get on board because, just by registering, you’ll be able to enjoy up to 12 hours of live talks, interactive chats and psychic and mediumship readings with some of Australia’s, America’s, Canada’s and the UK’s most recognized and trusted spiritual presenters, speakers, and readers.

Our line up of Speakers include:

Carmel Joy Baird

Scott Alexander King

Dr Steven Farmer

Colette Baron-Reid

Maureen Hancock

Allison Hayes The Rock Girl

Helen Parry-Jones

Melissa Joy Baird

Jeremy Donovan

Rosie Shalhoub

Hollywood actor Rick Mora

Linda Usope

Tonia Reeve (Australia’s Psychic Cowgirl)

Rachel Grace

Donna Stevens

Bec Campbell

Debbie Malone

Sandrah ‘The Oracle’ Wilson

Sharina Star

With special love and wishes from Denise Linn and William Whitecloud, and FB LIVEs by Aussie actor John Jarratt, Psychic Sally Morgan, Maria Elita, Lisa Williams, Meadow Linn, Jude Downes, Sarah Wilder, and others!

To register, all you need do is click here:

All our presenters will be announced at allocated times, one after the other, in a round-robin type process, with breaks in between during which our hosts will chat, offer readings of their own, and keep everyone updated with how the fund-raising is progressing.

During the webinar, names will be chosen at random by one of our hosts and, if that happens, you’ll receive a one-on-one psychic or mediumship reading.

How does it get any better than that?

Remember – the intention behind the creation of this webinar is the coming together of like minds and compassionate souls with a united desire: to raise funds to save the Australian animals.

Please click the link below to join our Facebook Event Page so you can be kept up to date with what’s happening and when:

So what do you say?

Are you in?

Because with your support we can do this!

To register, all you need do is click here: