Healing With Crystals

Crystals come from the earth and have amazing healing properties.

In this course I can teach you how to use them to heal yourself and others.



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One of our greatest sources for healing our physical and spiritual well-being come from the earth! Crystals and stones are the oldest, richest materials that we have, and we have full access to them.

These are often overlooked when it comes to our well-being, but in this online course you will learn the amazing benefits and healing properties, and which crystals you should be carrying and why!



depositphotos_13461968_s-2015Each type of crystal or stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy.  The particular energy given off by a stone is determined by its internal crystalline structure, and by the atomic vibrations that are specific to that structure.  Certain stones, including most of the stones normally thought of as healing stones, vibrate in a way that resonates with and strengthens particular energies inside each person.

I have been using crystals and stones since before I even started reading for clients. They have the power to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically, and help realign our spiritual body. I have read books, and spent hours upon hours in stores, and online, and with teachers, just to learn about their healing powers, their energy, and what they can do for our day to day lives.


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The importance crystals have in your life and how to use them to heal.


Determine which specific crystals you need to carry with you and how to cleanse them when needed.


Learn how you can use crystals to help heal others, even your animals!

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