Spiritual Medium Carmel Joy Baird hosts the second round of The Full Experience and this time it will be even more incredible than the first!

The Full Experience is a boutique, in-house catered event that offers a jam-packed experiential program that is nothing like you have ever experienced before!

Carmel is not alone!

She will be joined by her dear friend and colleague Psychic Medium Scott Alexander King, as well as with her beautiful Spiritual Medium daughter Melissa Joy Baird.

The Full Experience with Sprit
January 2020 at River Lane Ranch
Only 75 spots are available!

Where: 2222 137 ave NE, Edmonton, Canada

The ranch is located on the banks of the Fort Saskatchewan river just north of Sherwood Park, Alberta.

When: January 18th, 2020

Time: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (12 full hours)

**Please note: Being a boutique event, The Full Experience books up fast (30+ tickets have already sold since it was announced privately to those who attended the first event round.**

January 18th, 2020
This event is limited to only 75 guests.

The theme for the 2020 Full Experience is ‘Winter is Coming’, so expect a full Canadian Winter with furs, fires and food – all housed in the Ranch’s cosy, massive, indoor arena.


For years, Spiritual Medium Carmel Joy Baird has opened her ranch to those who have wanted to come and experience readings and connection to the other side. 

When she made the decision to create change by finding balance and inner peace in all ways in her life, she also made a change in how she hosts events and healings at her ranch. 

Knowing her clients want readings and connection with the other side, more private and personal one on one time, a chance to speak directly to her and connect more deeply with like-minded others, she created a life-changing event called …The Full Experience. 

This 12-hour mind-blowing day is a gift to each person who enters the ceremonial space provided to them. Not only will it give them proof that Spirit is with us, but this event will also change their lives while offering a deep shift and new perspective on the world of Spirit.


Co-Host Scott Alexander King!


Scott Alexander King is an internationally recognized speaker, teacher, author and the founder of Animal Dreaming Publishing and best-selling author of Animal Dreaming and the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards.

 Scott has seen animal spirits with people since he was a very little boy. Not dead pets (he doesn’t talk to pets – alive or dead!) but rather the totems, animal spirit guides, or ‘power animals’ of the people he meets. They tell him much about the people they accompany – their strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires.

Depending on the animals he sees, he is also able to determine whether or not you’re grieving, in pain or suffering from illness. He can explain the best way to reach your potential, or to find that perfect job – all because he has access to the realms of Spirit by means of the world’s coolest guides – the spirit animals that accompany each and every one of us.

People who have participated in Scott’s events often say that attending one of his ANIMAL DREAMING workshops opens your heart and mind to the greater significance of the natural world, in particular, the animals that share the land with us.

Co-Host Melissa Joy Baird!



Melissa is a Psychic Medium who has been practising under her mom, Carmel Joy Baird, for the last 11 years. She has been reading professionally for the last five years, providing clients all over the world with loving, healing messages.

As a child, Melissa lived a very different life and childhood from most, although she didn’t know it at the time she now knows that she has connected with spirits from a very young age of life. Melissa lives her life every day as a medium connected and dedicated to spirit, giving readings and teaching others to tap into their intuition. Teaching and inspiring others are her passion!

When she is not teaching she is also learning and walking a spiritual path and journey so that she may have the best and most focused connection with spirits on the other side.


What’s Included?

* Morning Q & A – Meet & Greet – Get to know everyone from near and far to unite the circle before we begin. 

* Vision Boards – Make 2020 the most amazing year in this lifetime! 2020 is the year of the biggest shift yet. This is the time to manifest your miracle! 

* Year in View Readings! Do you want to know what every single month of 2020 has in store for you? Scott Alexander King, Carmel Joy Baird & Melissa Joy Baird will all be doing your 2020 Year in View Reading in person at this event!  

* A private 2020 Full Experience journal that contains a handwritten message inside from Carmel Joy Baird and Scott Alexander King. Only those who attend this event will have this journal. We will mail this to you.  Special instructions for what goes into the journey are emailed out to you every month leading up to the event. 

* Prayer ties. Prayer ties are often made with special intentions and you’ll be making yours with 75 like-minded others to ensure all your prayers are answered. 

* Exclusive Shopping only for those who are in attendance! 


* Surprise Guest Speakers. Find out the day you arrive who will be on stage and what they have to offer. Readings, insights and more! 

* Experience Shamanic drumming with Scott Alexander King.

* Readings, Readings, Readings! Messages from your Totem Animals, Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit and Angels will be flowing all day during this epic 12-hour event! 

* Enjoy a beautiful bounty for lunch and dinner, along with snacks and cocktails in the evening.

But that’s not all…

Your Ticket Also Includes: 

*  A Full Experience Swag Bag for each guest! 

* Mini totem spirit animals carved in Peru out of dolomite stone. With the meaning of each animal written by Scott King

* All your vision board supplies! 

* A special oracle card pulled for you and gifted when you enter and one card when you exit. 

* Lunch, snacks, beverages and dinner

* Sleigh Rides!

You need to know this…

There will be only 75 people in attendance

The value of this event is well, well, well over $2300.00.

The cost to attend is only $799.00!

Payment Options:

One payment of 799.00 today


2 payments of $449.50

(One payment now and one the week prior to the event)


3 Monthly payments of $333.00

These spots won’t last and when they’re gone …they’re gone. 

What are you waiting for?

Let’s make 2020 the most amazing Experience Yet!  

Receive a Full Experience 2020 Journal mailed to you after purchase!

Begin your 2020 manifesting right away!

Each journal contains a handwritten message from Carmel Joy Baird and Scott Alexander King!

Winter is a time of sacred surrender. It’s is a time for practical, mature thinking, acceptance and letting go.

Winter offers the opportunity to look at ourselves and say ‘I did the best I could with the resources at my disposal’.

It’s then that it invites us to take a deep breath – and let it all go. All the worry, anxiety and ‘the need to know and understand’ can be handed over and surrendered to the Universe, for Winter is a time of endings, final stages, closure and death of the old or familiar self.

Winter is indeed a powerful and magical time: a time to celebrate the wonders we have experienced during our life, but also a time to surrender control so that when we receive the opportunity to rebirth in the Spring, so we prepared. 




Get Ready For Spiritual Medium Carmel Joy Baird, Psychic Medium Scott Alexander King & Spiritual Medium Melissa Joy Baird to take you on a journey like you have never experienced before!







The theme for the 2020 Full Experience is ‘Winter is Coming’, so expect a full Canadian Winter with furs, fires and food – all housed at River Lane Ranch’s cosy massive indoor arena.






Don’t settle for the same year in and year out that you’ve had before. 

Let 12 hours on January 18th, 2020 change your life forever! 

Here is what those who came to the first Experience in 2019 had to say…

“This is absolutely amazing! My husband came as a sceptic and is now leaving as a believer. You have changed his life forever! God Bless you!”


“Scott King was incredible! I am blown away by the knowledge and information that was given to me. I feel like I have a new grasp on who I am and how I can make decisions moving forward. Thank you, Scott!”


“I was not expecting this at all! When I walked in there was an altar and the circle of healing had already begun. I was watching others get readings from Carmel and Melissa and never thought I would get one, then Carmel read everyone there and we all left with something. I am so, so, so happy I came!” 


“I will never forget that experience. I didn’t want to leave. I felt like I had come home or to a place I felt safe with those who were just like me. The ranch is healing just being there on the property I could feel the healing begin.”


“I had no idea my totem animal was a bear and I learned what my aura colour is! I felt like we did so much in a short amount of time. I signed up right away for the next one!”


“I got a reading from Melissa, Scott and Carmel and it has changed my life forever. Never again will I doubt Spirit is with me. I am coming back and bringing 2 of my friends. I’ve needed this for so long!”

Who is this event for?

Do you want to manifest an incredible year in 2020 and release old thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you? Are you ready to make a shift?


Do you want to experience readings from some of the most accurate and gifted Mediums in the world?


Do you want to be surrounded by a group of like-minded others who will create long-lasting friendships and bonds?


Do you want to enjoy a beautiful bounty of food, friendship and fun?


Do you want to create abundance, love, success, health and wellness in 2020?


Do you want to listen to several speakers who can and will pass along the knowledge and information on how to heal, feel and discover Spirit deeper than ever?


Do you want to learn how to create better connections in your life with your spouse, your children, your friends, and end the cycle of distrusting yourself and your decisions?


Do you want to have the most epic time of your life and start of 2020 right?


Book Your Spot Now!

From: $333.00 / month for 3 months