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Scott Alexander King is an internationally recognized speaker, teacher, author and the founder of Animal Dreaming Publishing and best-selling author of Animal Dreaming and the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards.

Raised a strict vegetarian until his early teens, it was (and still is) not uncommon for Scott to have a menagerie of creatures around him at any one given time, but now that he has grown, after years of training, practice and experience, he is now sharing his love of animals with the world.

As an Indigo child himself, he has been able to see animal spirits since a very early age (not ‘dead’ pets, but the inherent power of the animals that walk with us: the power that was once incorporated into tribal lore and labelled as ‘totem’ energy).

Although born in Australia, his understanding of the animals is not limited to just the Australian culture or land. He has an inherent understanding of all animals – no matter which continent they live on.

As a child, he would spend hours alone watching the animals – how they related to one another and their environment. He also relied heavily on his ‘feelings’ of energy when it came to meeting new people.  As he grew, this ‘energy’ took form and he began to recognise it as being ‘animal-like’ in vibration – energy that he felt a natural bond with; energy that has never let him down.

Today, Scott is married to the love of his life, Trudy – and with her, he has three beautiful children. They live on five acres in the tropical Northern Rivers district of New South Wales, 30 minutes inland from beautiful Byron Bay.


After many years of experience, Scott Alexander King has developed the ability to relay the messages and gifts of wisdom from the Animal Spirit world to you, the seeker.

He has come to the realization that these animals may be recognized as archetypes – externalized representational facets of our soul, personality and character – aspects for which we are grieving, need healing or require attention.

Join Scott, August 23rd at 6:00 PM at River Lane Ranch for an intimate evening of readings.

An Intimate Evening with

Scott Alexander King

Only 25 Spots Available

Friday, August 23 at 6:00 PM

River Lane Ranch

2222 137 Avenue NE, Edmonton

Cost $250.00 per person 

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What does your ticket include?

  • Join this intimate private event for up to 25 people
  • Opportunity to have your photo taken with Scott and have your book signed.
  • Assorted beverages and light snacks.
  • Up close and personal Q&A with Scott Alexander King.
  • Your chance to receive a reading from Scott live at the event! Readings conducted via random draw.
  • Witness others receive connections with their Spirit animals and receive healing messages.

Scott's Reading Style

Have you seen the movie ‘The Golden Compass’? It’s the story of a little girl named Lyra. She lives in a world not that different from ours, except in her world all the people are accompanied everywhere they go by an animal; an animal that is essentially an extension of their being, or more to the point – a physical representation of their soul.

In Lyra’s world, these animals are easily seen. They’re physical in form, mirroring the character, beliefs and even the jobs of the people they accompany. In our world, too, we are accompanied by similar animals – only, in our world, no one can see them. No one, that is except Scott.

 Scott has seen animal spirits with people since he was a very little boy. Not dead pets (he doesn’t talk to pets – alive or dead!) but rather the totems, animal spirit guides, or ‘power animals’ of the people he meets.


They tell him much about the people they accompany – their strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires. Sometimes they manifest as loved ones in Spirit – but not in the way a regular medium might see them. When Scott sees a passed over loved one, for example, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll show themselves in animal form; an animal archetype that best captures their character, their spirit, their true essence and the qualities they were best known for when they were alive. So, don’t be surprised if Scott describes your dad as a Bear, your son as a Monkey or your aunty as a Snow Leopard … it’s his way and it’s exciting!


Depending on the animals he sees, he is also able to determine whether or not you’re grieving, in pain or suffering from illness. He is able to see whether or not your son is likely to find himself in trouble with the law, or if your house will sell in time. He can explain the best way to reach your potential, or to find that perfect job – all because he has access to the realms of Spirit by means of the world’s coolest guides – the spirit animals that accompany each and every one of us.


So, even if you’re not an ‘animal lover’ as such, or if you’ve never owned a pet, join Scott for an intimate evening as he brings forth a veritable menagerie of the world’s most exotic animals – all imbued with messages of love from the Spirit World. You may be surprised to discover that you have a small hoard of animals waiting to offer you guidance, insight and healing without ever realizing it!




Cost $250.00 per person 

River Lane Ranch Sponsored Special

Now $125.00!

**Only 25 spots available**

$50.00 Deposit is due to secure your spot.

The remaining balance of $75.00 plus GST due at the event

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Animal Dreaming

Weekend Workshop with

Scott Alexander King

Two Day Workshop at River Lane Ranch!

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you.” Job 12:7

People who have participated in Scott’s events often say that attending one of his ANIMAL DREAMING workshops opens your heart and mind to the greater significance of the natural world, in particular, the animals that share the land with us.

Living on the land doesn’t always guarantee that our relationship with it will be rich or meaningful. Many assume that people who live in the country share a stronger bond with the natural world than their counterparts who choose to live in the suburbs or the city, but this isn’t necessarily always the case.

‘When we look to the Medicine Ways of Nature, we see the Earth and all the creatures that live upon it, as messengers imbued with particular characteristics that offer insight into our own true natures. When we open ourselves to the guidance of Animal Teachers, we receive confirmation of our innate strengths and the medicine we need to heal life’s sorrows. When we experience interdependence with all life, we find our own honoured place in Creation.’ – Scott Alexander King

Scott has a very simple, yet powerful message that he is keen to see people take out into the world.

‘The Earth is our Mother. We are her children. Like any mother, she wants us to grow, heal and unite as a people. She speaks to us every day. She speaks to us in a symbolic tongue. A tongue we have long forgotten and no longer understand. That language is older than words and is presented to us in the form of animals. The animals each have a message to impart. We need to look once again to the ways of the animals and integrate their wisdom into our lives. The animals do not make mistakes. Spirit does not make mistakes. If we heed the medicine ways of the animals, we too will forget how to make mistakes. The ancients knew this ancient language. And we are being urged to remember it.’


Scott remembers this ancient language. He speaks it and can translate it. He has always understood it – very clearly. And from what we can tell, he may very well be one of the few who remembers it so precisely. And now he yearns to share it with you.


Of his message he simply says: ‘I understand things about people by simply looking at the animals in their lives, be they their ‘pets’, intentional encounters or accidental ones. I can tell a person where they are at in life, why they are there and what needs to be done to resolve it by simply asking them about the animals they have seen in the past 24 hours. I can also see the animal spirits that surround them. I have been able to see them since I was eight years of age. And from these animals, I can determine much about their life, their loved ones in Spirit and the stuff going on in their life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. They literally speak to me. This is my gift and it is my yearning to take this message out into the world.’

What you will learn in this workshop!

  • Journey (via guided meditation) to meet your Totem / Power Animal / Spirit Animal Guide.
  • Learn what the Animals you fear or dislike represent, and what it is they are trying to teach you.
  • Learn what it means to be a ‘cat person’ as opposed to a ‘dog person’, and how these two beloved animals act as archetypes, inspiring us to do what we do, and why?
  • Learn what it means to dream of certain animals, and how you can interpret them symbolically.
  • Learn what it means when you encounter an animal under unusual circumstances, or when their appearance startles or surprises you.
  • Learn what it means when you happen across an animal that has passed away. Yes! Even ‘dead animals’ can offer insight and guidance!
  • Inspired by the traditional ‘medicine walk’, learn how to read Scott’s Nature Wisdom Message Cards which offer messages of healing and insight from Mother Nature herself.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we, as a people, are fast approaching a time of mass spiritual awakening. We are about to ‘wake up’ in ways never explored before. People are now looking to Spirit and Nature for answers while learning to develop the one innate gift available to everyone: intuitive ability.

As people begin to remember their inherent relationship with the Earth Mother, the awareness that we, as her children, are offered enlightenment via the animals every day is being realized by excited people all over the world. Those who look to the animals for affirmation, guidance and wisdom are imbued with the knowledge that can guarantee clarity, happiness and an interrelated existence. They are also able to offer clarification and insight into the ways of the animals and the messages they wish to impart for themselves and others.

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Join Scott Alexander King’s

Weekend Workshop

When: Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th

Location: River Lane Ranch

2222 137 Ave NE, Edmonton

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm  Each Day

This Workshop is limited to 25 students!

Cost per person: $500.00

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Please bring your lunch and enjoy an outdoor picnic in the peaceful surroundings of River Lane Ranch!

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Private Readings with

Scott Alexander King!

Readings with Scott Alexander King

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  • Private one on one reading with internationally recognized author, speaker and reader Scott Alexander King!
  • In-person reading outdoors in the peaceful surrounding of River Lane Ranch (indoors in the case of bad weather).
  • Full 50 minute private one on one in-person reading! Receive guidance and loving messages from your TotemSpirit animals!
  • Cost: $425.00 - $25.00 non-refundable deposit required to secure date. The remaining balance of $400.00 is due the day of the appointment prior to your reading.

50 minute private reading with

Scott Alexander King!

Cost: $425.00

$25.00 Deposit required to secure your date.

**The remaining balance of $400.00 is due the day of your appointment prior to your reading.**

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