Energy Spell bags

These Energy Spell Bags are each handmade, one of a kind and infused with the specific energy and spell that you require at this time.

These bags are also known as charm bags, medicine bags or mojo bags. But no matter what you call them, these beautiful sachets have been around in all cultures since ancient times.

They can bring luck or break away negativity or an assortment of other things based on the ingredients and intentions that were placed into them.

Carmel isn’t telling all the ingredients, (not all witches give up their secrets) but we can tell you these are her own personal energy spell bags she uses for her friends and family when in need and they work.

You may transfer your spell bags contents into a jar and place on your altar (instructions included with purchase) or you may keep the sachet together and place under your pillow, in your car, on your desk or nightstand.

It’s totally up to you because they are made with the love and guidance just for you!

There are several bags to choose from…


Love Energy Spell Bag:

Create or bring more love into your life and relationships. Whether you want to have a new love or rejuvenate an old love this bag will draw that love to you. A powerful spell to bring the love you desire into your life in all ways.

Abundance Energy Spell Bag:


If abundance is what you need or want this bag is created with just that in mind. Hand-crafted and empowered with financial abundance, this spell bag is loaded with herbs known to increase luck and generate good fortune.
Put the odds in your favour, open opportunities, draw prosperous energy to surround you, this bag will set the intention for all that and more!
Turn down misfortune and clean up stagnant energy to produce good positive flowing energy with your abundance bag.


Health Energy Spell Bag:

The Health spell bag contains a collection of beautiful and powerful ingredients specifically selected to enhance your own healing energy to restore your health on all levels. This bag is set to your specific intentions and needs at the time of purchase. Your beliefs and energy combined with the energy and intention of the bag work to create healing and removal of all that is not needed or wanted physically, mentally or emotionally.

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