EGO – Edging God Out

"Taking control of your ego once and for all"

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  • Do you talk negatively about your body or yourself?
  • Do you get mad while driving or at people who serve you in public places?
  • Do you interrupt people often and are anxious to speak?
  • Do you gossip without even knowing it?
  • Are you quick to judge others and then retract what you said, cause you acted to hastily?
  • Do you struggle with judgment of others and worry about what they think?
  • Do you act hastily with others and expect them to see things your way?
  • Do you find that others are gossiping about you and you don’t understand why or what you did?
  • Do you struggle to make choices and decisions?
  • Do you feel in control one day and then completely lost the next day?
  • Are you afraid to make choices, speak up, step out of your comfort zone?!


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