Reading Week!

This Month’s Reading Week: Check Back for the Next Reading Week!

Check Back for the Next Reading Week! 

Every month Carmel opens up a new Reading Week. For 7 days of that week, you can book any of these immediate readings. The readings have limited quantities available and they don’t usually last the week until they sell out.

If you’re someone who wants guidance in under 30 days, please scroll below for all of the unique and custom reading options provided by Carmel specifically for you.

Pick 3 Reading Subscription

Find Something You Connect With! 

For over a year now, Carmel has worked closely with her guides to create new and unique readings each and every month.

She knows there are infinite ways to receive guidance, and continues to search for new and in-depth ways to help her clients. Carmel’s readings can help clear karmic debt, cut etheric cords, understand life lessons, help solve difficult problems, connect you with your Guides or loved ones… The list is endless!

Every month Reading Week releases NEW never before released readings and includes some of the common favourites. Each reading compliments each other and can work together to give an in-depth view into several areas in your life.

Now you can “Pick Three” for one amazing price and give yourself a monthly gift of insight from your Guides, Angels and Loved ones with the help of Spiritual Medium Carmel Baird.

Here’s how it works:

Each month during Reading Week, (the last week of the month) new and old readings will be revealed. You’ll be sent an email with details about all the readings. Carmel will pick her favourites for the month and they’ll be highlighted in the email. You can go with Carmel’s favourites as your readings that month or you can choose from the list yourself and pick which three you’d like and are best suited to your needs at that time.



The Cost:

All three readings are only $125.00 per month!

No matter what the cost of the individual reading, you’ll never pay more than $125.00 for all three readings! That’s less than  $42.00 per reading!

The Perks!


  • You’ll have your reading for life! You can download it to any device you want!

  • You will never be told that a reading is sold out! You’re first! You’re in the line for any of the readings released that month as a part of the pick three, you get to pick first!

  • There will ALWAYS be a new reading! Each month there will always be a new reading to choose from!


Sign up for Pick 3

Get started with Carmel’s Pick 3 Subscription for $125/month!

Simply click the button below and the subscription will be added to your cart

Shortly after your purchase you will receive an email with the directions on how to choose your 3 readings you wish to receive!

Sign up for pick 3

Check out last Reading Week’s readings!

Scroll below to the bottom to pick one, or save and pick 3!

Scroll below to the bottom to pick one, or save and pick 3!

Want more than one? Pick 3!

Pick 3 readings for only $125.00 per month!

No matter what the cost of the individual reading,
you’ll never pay more than $125.00 for all three readings! 
That’s less than $42.00 per reading!

Monthly Billing:

You will be billed on the 25th day of every month and the reading audios will be emailed to you by the end of the month, right to your inbox!

**Special Notes**

You will be billed for your first month of readings at the time of purchase, but will not billed again until the first of the following month.

Once you complete the order you will be sent an introduction email going over all the details, and a link to pick out your first set of readings.

We will send you an E-mail each month informing you of what readings are available and how to pick them

Come back next month to sign up for Pick 3!