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After years of successfully teaching and speaking to people all over the world, and with dozens of online courses, Carmel has decided to form a new and unified way to help people on their journey. Carmel’s Unlimited Learning Academy gives you the power to craft your learning and growth to your individual needs.

We’ve all bought courses in our life that we think will be great, and then it turns out that it just wasn’t what we were looking for and we wish we’d bought something else. This is over a $4000 value (and keeps growing monthly) for one small monthly fee.

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Women’s Empowerment Webinar Series

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bulletFull access to the entire online course library: 

Browse from dozens of online courses anytime, anywhere. Track your progress and access the library from your phone, tablet or computer.

bulletFirst access to brand new courses being launched: 

Carmel launches 1-3 brand new online courses every month. As a subscriber you are granted instant access to each course as it becomes available.

bulletHundreds of hours of audio & video: 

There are already hundreds of hours of audio and video courses in the library that you can dive into as soon as you sign up. Plus with 1-3 new courses being added each month you will never run out of resources and courses.

bulletDownload all course material: 

Any E-book, workbook or guides that are available for Carmel’s courses are included and are available to download and take with you. You can also return to any of your courses and re-take them as much as you like.

Access your courses anywhere on any device.

Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet, access your courses from anywhere.

Two Brand New Courses Added Right Now!

Masterclass Level 4 ($400 Value!)


The Final addition to the Awaken your Spirit Series with four courses including:

  • Awaken Your Spirit
  • Extensive Mediumship
  • Mediumship 101
  • And the all new Master Class

Completing this course earns you a diploma of recognition from Carmel Joy Baird. In total, these courses are worth $977.

Inside Heaven ($80 Value!)


Where do we go when we pass?

Carmel’s latest course covers her experience on the other side from her years of being a spiritual medium. Learn about what it’s like on the other side, and what the experience will be like.

  • What you can expect when you get to the other side.
  • How you will communicate as a Spirit.
  • How you will meet with your loved ones on the other side.
  • What you can do to spend more time with your loved ones.

Dozens of Courses and Growing Every Month

Testimonials from Carmel's Students

Trisia Kimmy
Trisia Kimmy

Carmel not only explained everything about my anxiety and why it was happening. She gave me tools that I needed to gain control of my life. She taught me in Awaken Your Spirit how to ground myself and how that in itself makes a huge difference, how to psychically protect myself and why its important. And the most important she taught me was not to be afraid because spirit comes in love and wants to send you messages to help you NOT scare you.

I have since taken the knowledge she gave to do psychic readings for other people to help guide them, something I never would have dreamed of and now comes so easily. Carmel is the real deal and KNOWS what she is talking about.

Sarah Manning
Sarah Manning

Not only am I better attuned to Spirit, but I also have peace within myself and life. I no longer suffer from migraines the way I used to, and have a peace within myself and life. Anyone, whether they want to be a professional Medium or Psychic, or not, should take this course! It will open so much within your life and heart. I think if I had to pick one thing that helped me from taking this course, it would be hard to pin only one point down. Perhaps knowing I'm not crazy and there are so many great, tools available to use.

Jackie Hulme
Jackie Hulme

Carmel is an amazing medium teacher and woman full of wit, integrity and so much wisdom! I just love her! I will keep recommending to anyone looking for an uplifting and safe place to share and learn about spirit and our life's journey here...

Mary Furneaux
Mary Furneaux

I have learned to trust myself more and reach beyond the small vision I had for myself. I am developing new talents and habits that have benefited me not only professionally, but on a personal level as well. I am a much happier and connected person

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Some restrictions do apply, the courses included are listed above. Interactive Programs such as Certified Mediumship, School of Spirit, Journey to Self are not included. Also excludes other subscription services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no sign up or cancellation fees. For as long as you remain a member, the price you sign up at will continue to be your price! However, If you cancel your subscription and at a later date choose to sign up again, you will be signed up at new monthly fee for that time period.

There are no cancellation fees. However, If you cancel your subscription and at a later date choose to renew, you will have to pay the sign-up fee again.

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Any course not listed on this page are not included in the subscription. Products such as meditations, physical books, interactive messages are not included. Services such as readings are not included in this subscription.

You will have access to all online courses that are listed above on this page. That means you can watch and listen to all the available audio and video lessons for each course, and download any PDFs associated with each course.

After paying the initial sign up fee, You will have 1 month of access and you will only be charged on the 25th of each month after that.

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