Hear the untold stories behind The Truth of Spirits!

The Untold Truths 

Who knew that when writing a book you couldn’t put every last detail and story inside all those pages. I suppose if you tried with my life, you’d have an encyclopedia!

When my book Truth Of Spirits went to editing the first time, they came back and said that the story was just “too heart wrenching” to include it all. I remember wondering…

“Too heart wrenching, is that what some call what I lived?”

It’s funny – It didn’t seem so terrible at the time. We adapt and we survive, but when we are through it, we unravel. And maybe that’s where the real story began.

I told my story in Truth Of Spirits to share my life of abuse, lies, spirits and shame, with the thousands of others who may also feel they too are in a downward spiral in their own lives. Trapped by the shame of who they truly are.

So what about those stories that couldn’t be published in Truth Of Spirits?

Uncensored is a way for you to learn more about my journey and join me, chapter by chapter, as I take you through every untold truth in a private audio series with me.

I’m also going to include a lesson with each chapter. In every tragedy, there is something to learn.



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About Uncensored

Why Carmel created this

Carmel wants to share the untold stories that couldn't be published The Truth of Spirits. These stories will be accompanied by lessons you can work through to learn how to help yourself.

Who this audio is for

This book is for anyone who has read or is interested in reading The Truth of Spirits, and who wants to know more about Carmel and the lessons she learned.

Why you should purchase

So many people have shared that Carmel's story in some way or another relates to their own journey of self discovery and truths.

What you'll receive

You'll receive 17 behind-the-scenes audios that go with each chapter in the book and 17 lessons over 9 weeks, as well as access to Carmel's Book Club!

What It's All About 

When you purchase Carmel: Uncensored, you will be given access to Carmel’s Book Club!

So, what is it?

Carmel’s Book Club is a Facebook group for everyone to gather and talk about all things Uncensored!

Here, you can discuss Truth of Spirits, Uncensored, and all the behind-the-scenes audios and lessons you will receive when you buy this product.

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