Level 5 – The Blue Seal Medium

The Final & Ultimate Level of Mediumship & Intuitive Mastery

Blue Seal Medium

Why would a Medium want to take Carmel’s Blue Seal Medium Program?



There are a lot of life lessons, challenges and obstacles that you will go through living your life as a Medium. It will be amazing and sometimes not so amazing, but feeling alone and confused on the path of Mediumship is a common problem many Mediums suffer with.

The path of Medium is to serve and help others with their life lessons while guiding them through with healing messages and insight from the other side. All healers whether they know it or not, are working their way towards becoming Life Masters or also known as Ascendant Masters. They are old souls who often feel alone and troubled because they can’t seem to find just where they fit, or why others don’t understand.

As they go through their own day to day lives, they are challenged to keep a balance between being human and being a diving Spiritual being working with Spirits in a Christ conscious state.

Mediums and healers need to strive to have the most divine Spiritual faith and the least amount of ego and stress. You’ll need to let go of the control, ego, judgment, drama, chaos, insecurities, doubts, shame and so much more.

Blue Seal Medium, Level 5 is the final leg of the journey set out by Carmel to help you to fully understand Mediumship, intuition, living as a Medium every day, trusting spirit no matter what, keeping balance in your own life and so much more!



Blue Seal Medium, Level 5 is the final leg of the journey set out by Carmel to help you to fully understand Mediumship, intuition, living as a Medium every day, trusting spirit no matter what, keeping balance in your own life and so much more!  

What is required to begin Blue Seal Medium Certification?

  • Complete Level 1 Awaken Your Spirit Online or in-person training.
  • Complete Level 2 Extensive Mediumship Online or in-person training.
  • Complete Level 3 Mediumship 101 Online or in-person training.
  • Complete Level 4 Master Class Online or in-person training.
  • You must be a working Medium, giving readings on a regular basis.
  • You must be dedicated to a life with Spirit. Mind, body and soul.


Achievement in CJB Blue Seal Program


Carmel’s Blue Seal Certification program is for those advanced professional Mediums that want the credentials and backing of one of the best Mediums in the world!

If you hold a Blue Seal Medium Certificate you are showing your clients and peers that you’ve done the work. A Blue seal certification says you’ve put in the time and commitment to guarantee to advance your abilities to the highest level.

The Achievement in the CJB Blue Seal program is geared to certify Mediums who wish to develop their skills to an advanced level. An Achievement in CJB Blue Seal Certification is evidence that this person not only meets Carmel Joy Baird’s high standards but has the knowledge and tools to succeed as a professional Medium with all their peers. Blue Seal Mediums who complete the Blue Seal Program with Carmel Joy Baird may move into leadership, supervisory, entrepreneurial or other roles more efficiently and fluently.

There are several intense and personal steps to completing this program…

To obtain your CJB Blue Seal Certificate you must:

  • Complete all 7 online lessons of the Blue Seal Medium online course.
  • Complete 150 hours of study and practice time.
  • Complete a combination of one on one readings with clients of your own, and clients provided by Carmel Joy Baird’s team. Feedback will be required.
  • Complete one on one calls with Carmel Baird and/or Team Baird.
  • Complete a questionnaire test from Carmel Joy Baird.
  • Complete a minimum 1000 word essay.
  • Complete several public challenges and tasks to benefit growth to yourself and business.
  • So, so, so much more! Each Certification is unique to you and your goals. Carmel will be using her intuition to help your business, your mediumship, your spirit grow beyond measure.

The Value to You!


Professional credibility – Blue Seal Certification lets your clients, students and peers know that you possess the skills needed to succeed, and you were willing to put in the time and effort to get certified by a world-renowned Medium.


Personal satisfaction—have you ever felt like an expert in something? You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to assert yourself as an expert and authority as a Medium.


Salary—You’ll have the confidence and assurance to charge what you are worth for your readings. Create an equal balance of giving and receive.


Readings—certification gives you an advantage when clients are seeking a Medium. A client is more inclined to want a certified and well-trained Medium.  Blue Seal will help you stand out in a competitive market. Some clients won’t even consider a Medium unless they possess a certain level of certification and are confident in their abilities. This is a market that clients often struggle to trust.


Professional growth—advancement often requires you to learn new and updated information to enhance the skills you currently possess.

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?


  • Would you like to make Mediumship a business and/or charge what your worth for readings?
  • Would you like Blue Seal Certification to advance your abilities?
  • Are you interested in learning new skills and abilities with your Mediumship?
  • Are you particularly passionate about being a Medium?


If you said yes to any of these…

Then this is the program for you!

This is the next step for those who are serious about Mediumship as a career!

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, teach others, get noticed, publish a book, speak at events, provide open mediumship events, help clients overcome grief, start a development group…get certified!

It’s a great way to showcase your value in the world of Mediums because few others will be certified in this area!! This certification will matter to clients and students who may have doubts about who you are or your abilities.

If you’re focused on progressing your career as a Medium, then refreshing your skills is a must, especially considering all of the Mediums there are in the world at this time.


Stand Out In The Crowd



This is the ONLY Blue Seal Mediumship Certification in the world!

No other Medium or Intuitive offers this program. You may feel it doesn’t matter so much now, but as the world of Mediums begins to grow those who are certified will be the ones to stand out against the rest!

Blue Seal Level 5 Investment: $5997.00

Become a Blue Seal Medium!

Haven’t taken level 1 to 4?

All 5 courses are included for one price!

Awaken Your Spirit
Begin with level one and learn all the basics! The tools; protections, prayers, meditations. Learn about your chakras, and how important it is to be balanced. Learn how and WHY to ground yourself. And to know when and where!

Extensive Mediumship
Then move into level two with Carmel as she takes you on the journey to Spirits, and how to connect with them to give others readings! She will teach you not only to trust Spirit but to trust yourself too! She will teach you how to make rules with Spirit so that you can make the best connection possible.

Mediumship 101
Next is level three! Let Carmel walk you through how to become a ‘psychic detective’! Learn what it means to disconnect from the media, and how to work with proper authorities, and most importantly… When to work with them!

Master Class

Next is level four! Master Class was designed with those in mind who wish to continue and receive diploma recognition. You will learn even more techniques to fine-tune your abilities and to overcome challenges and rejoice in your triumphs as Mediums and as healers.

Blue Seal Medium

And finally, obtain your Blue Seal Medium! The final & ultimate level of mediumship and intuitive mastery!

Become a Blue Seal Medium!