Level 5 – The Blue Seal Medium

The Final & Ultimate Level of Mediumship & Intuitive Mastery

Blue Seal Medium
There are a lot of life lessons, challenges and obstacles that you will go through living your life as a Medium. It will be amazing and sometimes not so amazing, but the most important thing is that you’re living your true divine path and accepting the journey that you chose in this lifetime. A journey that is to serve and help others with their life lessons, while guiding them through with healing messages and insight from the other side. All healers whether they know it or not, are working their way towards becoming Life Masters or also known as Ascendant Masters. They are old souls who often feel alone and troubled because they can’t seem to find just where they fit, or why others don’t understand.

We are all moving and striving to live in this lifetime with as little ego as possible. Mediums and healers need to strive to have the most divine Spiritual faith and the least amount of ego and stress. This is sometime easier said, than done.

You’ll need to let go of the control, ego, judgment, drama, chaos, insecurities, doubts, shame and so much more.

Level 5 is the final leg of the journey set out by Carmel to help you understand Mediumship & Intuition and to become what she refers to as a Blue Seal Medium.

If you have already taken Levels 1-4 (Awaken Your Spirit, Extensive Mediumship, Mediumship 101 and Master Class) you are qualified to now take Level 5 – The Blue Seal Medium, that will give you a Blue Seal stamp to prove you’ve completed all five levels at this point in your journey.

Earning your Level 5 Blue Seal proves that you not only meet Carmel Baird’s standards, but you also have the drive to continue to develop and learn as a Medium and/or Intuitive.

To obtain a Blue Seal Medium Certificate you must:

  • Complete levels 1- 5 ( 1-4 are Pre-requisites before beginning this program)
  • Complete the Level Five Blue Seal - 7 week program online
  • Complete 10 readings with clients filling out the feedback form ( 2 clients are chosen by Carmel Baird. Length of readings must be 30minute minimum)
  • Answer 20 audio questions from Carmel and submit answers to the office
  • Speak with Carmel Baird on the phone for a one on one interview. You may be assigned further assignments to obtain your certification at this time.




After completing your first four steps, you will speak directly with Carmel for a one on one interview. Carmel will work directly with you to achieve your Blue Seal Medium Certification.





Blue Seal Level 5 Available Now For: $399.00


Yes! I’m Ready To Be A Blue Seal Medium

Haven’t taken level 1 to 4?

Pick up all 5 courses for one amazing price!

Awaken Your Spirit
Begin with level one and learn all the basics! The tools; protections, prayers, meditations. Learn about your chakras, and how important it is to be balanced. Learn how and WHY to ground yourself. And to know when and where!

Extensive Mediumship
Then move into level two with Carmel as she takes you on the journey to Spirits, and how to connect with them to give others readings! She will teach you not only to trust Spirit but to trust yourself too! She will teach you how to make rules with Spirit so that you can make the best connection possible.

Mediumship 101
Next is level three! Let Carmel walk you through how to become a ‘psychic detective’! Learn what it means to disconnect from the media, and how to work with proper authorities, and most importantly… When to work with them!

Master Class

Next is level four! Master Class was designed with those in mind who wish to continue and receive diploma recognition. You will learn even more techniques to fine-tune your abilities and to overcome challenges and rejoice in your triumphs as Mediums and as healers.

Blue Seal Medium

And finally, obtain your Blue Seal Medium! The final & ultimate level of mediumship and intuitive mastery!


Take all five levels!

Blue Seal Level 5 Available Now For: $399.00


Yes! I’m Ready To Be A Blue Seal Medium