911 - Ask The Mediums

When: 911- Ask The Mediums is only available for limited sale hours at specific dedicated times. Please scroll down on the page to see if it’s available for sale right now and if not, be sure to sign up for the interest list so we notify you FIRST!

Why: There are people all over the world who need guidance NOW. They can’t wait and need answers to bring peace and assurance to their lives. 911 – Ask The Mediums lets you have the freedom to ask a question to 3 Mediums right away.

Where: The answers to your question are delivered to your email, via audio and each Medium will be speaking directly to you. Not 1 answer …but 3!



Hi there,

Do you have a situation or struggle right now in your life that you need some answers to and just can’t wait!

We can help. We have not 1, not 3, but 3 amazing Mediums standing by to answer your question within 24hrs of you asking.

Ask The Mediums is a new program that was just launched by Spiritual Medium Carmel Baird in February of 2019.

Carmel felt that there were so many people across the globe that just needed an answer to many of life’s challenges and struggles and it just couldn’t wait.

Carmel has recruited 2 other Mediums to work this program with her. That means you won’t get just one answer, you’ll get 3 answers to your 1 question from Carmel AND …2 other amazing Mediums!

The answer to your question will be an audio clip (3 of them) that will be sent directly to your email for you to download to any device.

Not One Medium …but Three! 

You Just Can’t Wait…

Do you have questions you need answers to?

  • Do we sell or do we stay put?
  • Will the job work out or not?
  • Is he faithful?
  • Am I having children in his lifetime?
  • What are the signs from my loved one?
  • What does my loved one on the other side want me to know?
  • Are we financially going to be okay?

911 – Ask The Mediums will always have Carmel as the primary Medium to answer your question, but her reply won’t be the only one.

Carmel only works with Mediums she trusts and believes can deliver accurate, in-depth information like her!

The answers will all come at the same time in 3 separate audios. The Mediums will be in 3 different locations and work on your question separately with their Guides.

This reading is 100% specifically for you!

 Here’s the Catch

You wondered if there is one so here it is…

Ask the Mediums will go on sale periodically and you won’t know when this is coming available unless you watch all Carmel’s social media, are signed up for her main mailing list or sign up for the specific interest list on this page.

The first people to be emailed will be those that have joined the interest list on this page. Then we’ll go to our newsletter list, then social media.

This is important to know because there are only 20 spots that will be sold and the sale will fill in moments, or hours.

The audio answers come from Carmel and her two other Mediums within 24hrs and can be sent to you anytime within that period.

The best part is …

Your question and answers all come within 24hrs or your money back!

Download your readings from anywhere.

Listen to your audio clips on your phone, laptop or device and listen to them on the go!

 Keep your reading forever!

The Cost For 3 Mediums


“The measure of success and happiness is peace of mind and heart.”
 ― Deepak Chopra

That’s 3 audio answers to your question and clear guidance and direction given from Carmel herself, and 2 other outstanding Mediums she’s chosen and trusts completely!

Regular Price Only: $249.00 

What else you need to know ...

  • This product can launch at any time without WARNING! Check your emails often!
  • There will be no more than 20 people that can sign up for this each time it is released.
  • The 2 other Mediums can rotate or change. They are hand-picked by Carmel Baird herself and she only works with Mediums she 100% trusts for you and her business. Carmel Baird will always be one of the Mediums.
  • You may ask anything! The sky is the limit! Be open to receive the guidance you need at this time.
  • This can be gifted to someone but you must have their permission and not ask a question for someone else without their permission.

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget that if you’re on this page and it is not available for purchase …that means sign up for the interest list and be the FIRST people we contact when 911- Ask The Mediums becomes available again!


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