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Ask Carmel: Series 2!

Ask Carmel!

Listen to Carmel as she connects with Spirit and gives you the answers to some very controversial topics!

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Ask Carmel Series 1 was a huge hit, now we’re back with Series 2 including follow-ups to some of the previous questions and her accurate predictions to learn more about what’s in store!

Carmel will discuss things you can’t even imagine! We gave her several questions per session, and she connected with Spirit and gave us her insight, thoughts and opinions.

We are also giving you a chance to ASK Carmel a question for the next session of Ask Carmel! Attached to your order, will be the link for the next series! We will give you an option for topics, and you can ask away!

Series TWO topics:

Volume 1 – World Issues

Volume 2 – Taboo Topics

Volume 3 – Unsolved Mysteries

What you can expect!

  • Each series will have 3 sessions. Each session will be packed with controversial questions!
  • You can download each session and take them with you so you can listen or watch the series on-the-go!
  • Carmel will answer several questions in each session. These are just some of the questions she's been asked over the years and some really hot topics right now!
  • On your receipt, you'll be provided a link to submit one of your own questions for the next series of Ask Carmel!


Following up on her accurate predictions from last series

Including her accurate prediction that Donald Trump would win the election.

What will happen now that Donald Trump is America’s president?

Will there be another major war or act of terror and if so where?


Talking about things that are often shied upon:

Mental Health

Adolf Hitler



Some of the topics:

John Benet Ramsey

Making A Murderer:  Steven Avery

Bermuda Triangle


Insight and Answers

Get the answers you've been waiting for!

Hot Topics!

Carmel will talk about several topics; world issues, unsolved mysteries, & taboo topics!

Download & Go!

Download any sessions from the series, or all of them, and listen on the go!

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where she correctly answered “Who will win the 2016 presidential election?

and other questions on World Issues, Celebrity Gossip, and topics you wouldn’t believe!

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