Animal Communication Mentorship


Carmel Joy Baird

Carmel Joy Baird is a world-renowned, best-selling author, reality t.v star and a gifted spiritual medium who owns River Lane Ranch located just outside Edmonton, Alberta. She is one of the most grounded, down to earth individuals you will ever meet, and yet ..she can communicate with the other side.

River Lane Ranch is home to many animals and specifically Carmel’s breed of heart, the Gypsy Cob horses. She has been communicating with Spirits and animals since she was a small child.

Carmel believes we all have the ability to communicate with Spirit, in fact, she believes it is our birthright! Whether you choose to develop it or not’s your gift to have.

Whether you want to learn to communicate with your own animals, begin to give readings for other animals or build an animal communication business this program will give you all the skills to connect with animals of all kinds and build deeper connections.

Included with the program!

Intuitive Animal Communication Level 1 online course!

Take Level One online from the comfort of your home. A $199.00 Value!

Attend 4 In-person or live webinar group training sessions!

Join Carmel in person or via live webinar for group training sessions. This August, September, October and November! Over a $500.00 value!

Intuitive Animal Communication Level 2,3 & 4 in person!

Join Carmel in-person at River Lane Ranch for level 2,3 &4! An $897.00 total value!

That’s not all…

Receive 10 practice readings with animals via email!

Photos of animals will be emailed directly to you! Complete the readings at your own pace and email them back. Receive direct feedback from Carmel via audio message and email about your readings.

Continue your learning…

Work on missing animal cases and continue to master how to work with live animals and discern what is happening with them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Receive One 30 minute coaching call with Carmel!

Carmel will give you direct guidance from Spirit on your Animal Communication Journey!


$1499.00 per student

**This Mentorship is limited to maximum of 20 students**

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