10 Week Online Workshop!

Begins August 24th, 2021!

The Earth is our Mother. We are her children. Like any mother, she wants us to grow, heal and unite as a people. She speaks to us every day. She speaks to us in a symbolic tongue. A tongue we have long forgotten and no longer understand.

That language is older than words and is presented to us in the form of animals, nature, signs & symbols and more.

They all have a message to impart. We need to look once again to the ways that Spirit is trying to gift us the knowledge of guidance into our lives. The animals do not make mistakes. Spirit does not make mistakes.

All who are at this online event are meant to be there.

If we heed the medicine ways of the animals and nature, we too will forget how to make mistakes. The ancients knew this ancient language. And we are being urged to remember it.

10 weeks of reconnecting with your divine self and the creator Spirit!

What you will experience:

  • Learn how to read and interpret signs and symbols from Spirit and nature on the spot.
  • Discover how to create abundance of money and wealth.
  • Discover how you can reclaim your relationship with your ancestors and live a life of beauty guided by the Animals, Nature and the Elements during this 10 week workshop.
  • Learn simple spells you can use in your daily life!
  • Learn the importance of smudging and the different tools you can use!
  • Learn how to create your very own Oracle Card Deck! A powerful tool to use for yourself and others!
  • Discover candle magic and how to use them for manifestation, healing and more!
  • Meet your Totem animal in a powerful meditation lead by Scott Alexander King!

10 Weekly Workshops!

  • Webinar #1:
    On demand with Spirit.
  • Webinar #2:
    The Earth is our Mother.
  • Webinar #3:
    Blessings of the Old Witch.
  • Webinar #4:
    Nature’s wisdom.

  • Webinar #5:
    Reading and understanding Crystals.
  • Webinar #6:
    Smudging with intent.
  • Webinar #7:
    Your Own Oracle.

  • Webinar #8:
    Don't Shun your Shadow.
  • Webinar #9:
    Candle Magic.
  • Webinar #10:
    Meet your Totem Animal.

Webinar #1

On demand with Spirit.

Messages on demand. Many don’t realize that everything around them can be a sign, a symbol, and a message from Spirit.
Find out how to no longer miss the signs and symbols that Spirit is sending you and receive instant messages from Spirit when you need them.

Webinar #2

The Earth is our Mother.

The Earth is our Mother, and we are her Children. Learn how to rekindle our spiritual yet inherently natural bond with the Earth Mother. During this workshop, Scott will explain how the spirit of the animals guide our lives, inspiring positive change and influencing our day-to-day activities.

Webinar #3

Blessings of the Old Witch.

What do witches have to do with healing, Spirit, and guidance? Well, for centuries they have known how to conjure up the energy of magick. In this lesson Carmel will walk you through a magical spell that you can do from the comfort of your own home with just a few simple tools that are likely found in your spice rack!

Webinar #4

Nature’s wisdom.
During this workshop, Scott will discuss the wisdom of the animals, while explaining how to notice and interpret the signs afforded us by Mother Nature. He will also share how to offer powerful readings using natural and discarded objects found in Nature.

Webinar #5

Reading and understanding Crystals.
Crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal. From the time of the bible, they were carried as talismans and used as magical stones that bring great healing and prosperity. But how can we use them today, and what may you be missing that’s so simple you will be amazed what it will bring into your life?

Webinar #6

Smudging with intent.
We all know how powerful the smoke from smouldering dry Sage is as a way of offering protection, calling in the Spirits and encouraging profound healing, but there are other herbs we can also use as well as a vast array of feathers! Scott will discuss the ins and outs of burning dried herbs, while explaining what feathers are best to use and why.

Webinar #7

Your Own Oracle.
Have you ever wondered why you spend so much time trying to find the right card deck for you? Maybe nothing fits because the truth is your cards are something that must come from within your own soul. Experience what creating your own deck of oracle cards looks like and feels like. How to receive guidance on the cards from Spirit and create your very own deck!

Webinar #8

Don’t Shun your Shadow.
During this workshop, Scott will talk about the animals we fear, while explaining how these creatures are charged with the power to offer the greatest insights. Learn, too, of the animals associated with the afterlife, and the spiritual significance of dead animals and roadkill you may stumble across as you journey through life.

Webinar #9

Candle Magick.
There are so many ways to do candle magick, but we believe the most effective way has been handed down by many generations of old Witches and Sages and passed on through generations. Learn how the elders of Healing would do Candle Magick and how you can pull in the old customs into your life now in 2021!

Webinar #10

Meet your Totem Animal.
Complete your workshop by meeting your personal Totem Animal!

During this final lesson, Scott will explain the difference between an Animal Spirit Guide, a Power Animal and a Totem, before taking you on a guided, meditative journey to meet your very own Totem Animal.

A 10 Week transformational workshop with world renowned Spiritual Mediums and Master Teachers!

Carmel Joy Baird

Scott Alexander King


Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 6:30 PM MDT

And each week after for a total of 10 Weeks!

Each webinar is recorded and a link to view is emailed to you the following day!


$399.00 per person

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