Dealing with Drama



Holidays and special events are treasured times with our families. Our families are our biggest supporters but sometimes they can also hurt us the most.

Our families can become toxic when members act in dysfunctional ways. We become stressed and guarded and our interactions begin to feel awkward. Our once fun family gatherings become dreaded events.


Ask Yourself these questions:

Do you feel uneasy about getting together with your loved ones because you know there will be drama and chaos?

Do you avoid family situations because it’s just easier to stay home than to face their criticism and judgement?

Do you avoid going out with your kids or spouse because of fighting and drama?

Do you feel like you can’t talk to any of your family members because of how you feel?

Are you tired of walking on eggshells at family events and always being the one to give in?

Are you shaming and blaming yourself for your past mistakes and your family judging you for them?

Do you want to enjoy events again and rebuild your relationships?

Do you want to learn to set healthy boundaries with your family?

If you answered Yes.

This is the program for you!


It's time to get off the Trigger Train

A trigger is something that sets off your ego. It alerts you right away to something being said or done to you that makes you feel shame, anger, betrayal or hurt.

Our families know us best, they know our triggers and they aren’t afraid to use them!

In your first lesson, you will learn how to teach your own family about triggers. How to create a fair playing field so that everyone understands triggers and how to never feel triggered or hurt again by anyone in your family.

Learn about the power of your words and how everyone can control them.

4 Weekly Lessons!

  • Lesson 1: Trigger Train - Learn what triggers are and 1 amazing rule that changed Carmel’s household forever!
  • Lesson 2: Accountability 911 - So often we are convinced it’s everyone else. How to look inside yourself and see what’s yours to change and what’s their’s to change.
  • Lesson 3: Forging the way with Forgiveness - Learn when to let go, and when to fight for relationships. How to forgive others and yourself in the midst of the storm.
  • Lesson 4: What will you say when - This is a tough lesson but one that everyone should learn, before it’s too late.

Hi there,

It might be a crazy family, but it’s mine. That’s how I always describe my crew to those on the outside who look in on my crazy, chaotic, loud and sometimes dramatic family.

But then you add in the in-laws, siblings, parents, cousins etc and from there… it just goes over the top!

I remember dreading going to family gatherings and holidays. It was always a major fight and a ton of stress to end up at my Mom’s house; the same time another family member was there.

Not to mention the family drama that swirls around with everyone talking about everyone. The hurt, the betrayal, the lies, the shame, the addictions’s in all families and some of us will end up not healing or waking up from this trauma until our family members pass away one day.

Then we are left with even more hurt and shame. Our families are our biggest supporters, but sometimes they can also be the ones who hurt us the most.

There are special moments with our families that are designed to bring us together, but they can often tear us further apart. What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way. Family harmony can be attained in your immediate family and extended family and I can help show you how.

All In The Family is a new program and one that I have implemented into my own life to help me navigate, heal, grow, expand, learn, develop, forgive, let go and come through with a healed heart and open mind.

If this you, please consider this program. I know it can change your life.

Love, Carmel


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