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Sunday Mornings With Carmel *NEW!*

Photo Reading

Seven Weeks With Spirit

52 Weekly Meditations *NEW!*

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365 Days of Inspiration!

Starting January 1, 2017!

Receive a message a day, for 365 days!

This was a HUGE hit in 2016 and it’s coming back in 2017!
Every day you will receive the daily audio message, by Carmel, via email. These daily audios can be downloaded to your computer or iTunes and saved, so you can build the entire library and return to them again and again.

The gift of spiritual inspiration, healing messages, psychic messages, messages from guides, angels and loved ones is a powerful way to begin each day and set you on a course for abundance, gratitude, healing and positivity.

These are not generic messages and they are recorded authentically each day by Carmel.

We started this wonderful journey in 2016, and have been asked to keep the good vibes going!

Join this powerful collective as we journey through 365 days together, and watch how life begins to unfold each day more awesome then the one before. Listen as Carmel helps navigate your way through many of life’s lessons and challenges you may be facing each day.



Sunday Mornings With Carmel

Starting January 2017!

Enjoy 1 Sunday a month, with Carmel!

Once a month, for 12 months… Spend a Sunday morning with Carmel!

This live feed (webinar) will be broadcast from wherever she may be. Home, the office, the kitchen having breakfast… who knows! Real behind the scenes access into her home, her family life, and what it’s like to live at River Lane Ranch.

Spend an inspiring hour with Carmel, ask her a few questions, and we’re sure she’ll even spill out a few messages from spirit!



photo readings frame (1)

Photo Reading

When you’re ready…

You can request your photo reading any time throughout 2017. Get the messages you need, when you’re ready to hear them.

(please allow 3 weeks after submission to receive your reading)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A message from the other side… is priceless.

Email your photo of your loved one and Carmel will connect to them to deliver you loving messages and guidance from the other side.

A photo allows Carmel to go directly to who you wish to communicate with so Carmel can give you validation that they are really with you and pass along messages directly from that loved one in your reading.

Along with her mini reading, you’ll also get to ask a question to your loved one and receive an answer through her. Often called ‘the middleman’, she’s happy to relay the messages she gets!



Seven Weeks With Spirit

Starting January 2017!

We will have 3 session dates in 2017 for you to choose from!

Choose out of 3 dates to join – January, June or October!

Carmel will send you a special audio message via email for 7 weeks connecting you to your loved one. Using the energy of your name, she will make this connection and record the messages from Spirit for you. These mini readings provide specific messages just for you from them!

You will also receive a special video to watch each week that explains some of the things you may be wondering like …

What is heaven like? Where are they? When will I see you again?

This program will not only give you a ton of insight and knowledge into the other side, but a personal connection with your own loved one.




52 Weekly Meditations

New & starting January 2017… for EVERY WEEK!

You will receive a mediation a week, for 52 weeks!

52 original, brand new meditations! And they’re all yours!

Receive a new meditation in your inbox each week for the entire year!

These meditations will focus on several areas of life: Physical, mental, spiritual… Carmel will focus on love, loss, balance, grief, and pain. Happiness, health and wealth… to overall bring you peace, balance, and direction to your life.

Meditation is a gift. And if you don’t understand it’s impact, she will teach you!



Enjoy all of these items for 50% OFF


Readings included!


Meditate, listen, learn. Grow spiritually, mentally, physically...

Spend 2017 Connecting with Carmel,

connecting with yourself,

and connecting with your loved ones on the other side.

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