When mother and daughter come together to give readings what happens? They leave clients speechless and full of tears of joy! Not only do Spirits come in to give messages to each VIP person in attendance, but direct guidance is given to those who may have questions with regards to their day to day lives.

We're Excited!

There are three dates to choose from and very limited spots on each date.

Dates:  October 25th, 2017

Time:  6:30 PM MST & 7:20 PM MST

Investment:  $275.00

Last night Carmel & Melissa hosted their first VIP webinar together and the messages continued for hours!

They seamlessly flowed through the 12 attendees, via a live webinar. Thus allowing their clients to be anywhere in the world to receive these readings! Both Carmel & Melissa spoke personally and directly to each person. Each of their Spirits giving validation they were with them and providing loving messages from the other side.

When the evening ended we all knew – “We’ve got to do this again!”

Note – Because of the length and time the VIP’s take, they are now hosting the VIP evenings as their own evenings, separate from the large group open mediumship webinars.

What will you get?

  • All those in attendance are guaranteed to get a reading with Carmel & Melissa!
  • Write down your questions ahead of time, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Each VIP will receive, by mail, an autographed photo of Carmel.
  • The session will be recorded, and sent to you via email post event.
  • There will only be 12 people per group! We'll get right to your readings, no chit-chat, just loving messages!

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