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After much love and demand for more Dave, we have created 52 weeks of Dave. After 365 days of Dave people were wanting more, so here it is!

Now you can get Daves guidance and wisdom delivered right to your inbox. The perfect gift for your significant other!

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52 Brand New Messages Every Week For An Entire Year!

A New Message Every Week 


Join Dave for 52 weeks and get his insights on what’s going on in the world.

Dave likes to talk about general manly wisdom, parenting, his views on Mediumship, what it’s like living with a Medium and what his role is in the business.

Dave also covers his beliefs, how he manages a ranch, many acres of land, growing up and his adventures raising 6 kids and an ever expanding family of Baird’s.

What’s included?


 52 weekly installments of uncensored, inspirational messages

 Dave’s general Wisdom on getting through life issues

 Insight about being married to a medium, parenting, running a business,

             a ranch, and a family

 It’s Dave… There will probably be a few politically incorrect statements!

 And so much more!



About Dave:

  • 6 children and 5 grandchildren
  • Married to Carmel for over a decade
  • Was a heavy duty mechanic and truck driver
  • Blues guitar player and woodworker
  • Former goalie for Vancouver Farm Team and Senior Men’s for Calgary
  • Runs a ranch
  • Lots of tattoos
  • All around great guy
  • Politically incorrect
  • A modern day cowboy
  • Has lived 10 provinces, 14 states, and 4 countries!


As a loving husband, father of 6, and basically a badass cowboy, Dave has a lot of great insights to share every week.

Packed with life lessons, telling it like it is and dealing with life in general. As a man who has seen it all, the whole family looks to Dave for his guidance and now he’s here to share the same Dave wisdom with you!


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Brand new wisdom from Dave himself!

Dave records a new message for you every week.

He tells it like it is!

Dave has a no B.S. attitude and tells it like he sees it.

Carmel wanted to make sure you also got to enjoy 52 weeks of relaxation because let’s face it… You might need it!

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