52 Weeks of Inspirational Messages 2020

Every week in 2020 with Carmel!

Spend each week with Carmel in 2020!

Every Wednesday, beginning January 1st, you will receive a weekly audio message, from Carmel, via email. These weekly audios can be downloaded to your computer or iTunes and saved, so you can build the entire library and return to them again and again.

The Gift of spiritual inspiration, healing messages, psychic messages, messages from guides, angels and loved ones is a powerful way to gain inspiration and set you on a course for abundance, gratitude, healing and positivity.

These are not generic messages and they are done each week just for you!

Make 2020 the best year ever! Join this powerful collective as we journey through 52 weeks together, and watch how life begins to unfold each week more awesome than the one before. Listen as Carmel helps navigate your way through many of life’s lessons and challenges you may be facing each day.

When you purchase this item, please enter the email address of the person you’d like us to email this gift to starting January 1, 2020!


52 Weeks of Inspirational Messages with

Carmel Joy Baird

Carmel has been doing her 365 Days of Messages for years now. 2020 is a powerful year of shifts and changes. She wanted to go deeper, give more healing and in-depth messages. These weekly messages will bring you even more guidance and keep you inspired through all of 2020!


Weeks of Inspiration!

Join Carmel for a full year of inspired thoughts, love, and gratitude!

Guidance for 2020

What you do today, can improve your tomorrows!


Join Carmel weekly as she channels spirits, guides, angels and uses her intuition to give you a message for the week!

Spend 2020 living your best life!

A fulfilled life! An inspired life!

Purchase Note: Any orders received after Wednesday, will begin receiving their weekly message on the following Wednesday. All clients will have access to a library of all 52 Weeks of Inspirational Messages. Even if you join us later in the year.


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