2020 Calendar & Predictions

Your 2020 doesn’t have to be a big mystery after all!

Written by Spiritual Medium and Psychic Carmel Baird, this 2020 insight manual will include yearly predictions which include trends, health pointers, news, major events, celebrity gossip predictions, global changes, etc.

Carmel’s psychic insight will allow you to create more abundance and joy, along with increase your chances of directing your year exactly where you want it to go!

Bonus – No failed New Years Resolutions this year!

Carmel will offer you a sneak preview of the foreseeable future and reveal highs and lows that are coming in 2020.

That’s not all …she will also include a world energy profile for the shifts and changes coming each month so you can follow them monthly to feel and stay your best!

Even more … included – 10 tips to manifest the best year in 2020! These are 10 things Carmel does that she has never before shared!

Oh, one more thing ….included will be 10 fantastic tips on how to awaken your own Psychic abilities and decrease your anxiety and stress for those who are empaths.

and the best part …

Carmel will record your 2020 mantra/personal affirmation just for you! This is emailed via audio format and will be a direct message from your Guides on what you need to affirm for the entire year, to create the life you were meant to have!  

*** PDF of guide along with personal affirmation will be sent by December 20th, 2019***

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