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Mystery Reading

Start the year off trusting the process and find out exactly what you, Carmel and your Team on the other side think you need to begin 2019!



The Month of love! Receive guidance towards any relationship in life… You pick the relationship, Carmel will send you guidance! 



Are you doing what you’re meant to be doing in this lifetime? Where does your career seem to be going? Find out in this reading.


Master Guides

Each of us have Master Guides that guide us and lead us through the lessons and journey’s we’ve chosen. Find out what your Guides want you to know in your life right now.


Rune Stone Reading

Let these ancient stones do the talking… they’ll tell you, what you have, what you want, and most importantly, what you need!


Animal Totem Reading 

Our Totem Animals can change all the time. Based on where we are and what we need in our lives will depend on who’s with you. Find out what your totem animal is this month and why they are with you!


Mystery Reading

Let Carmel and your team choose what you need to know midway through the year. This is a great time to trust your Team again!


Numerology Reading

What does your life path and year number have to say for you? Now is the time to find out in this unique reading that will give you a ton of information.


Past Life Reading

Carmel will tell you have lesson you have learned, what lesson you have carried over from a past life, and the lesson you’re learning in this lifetime. Past lives give us a much deeper sense of knowing who we are today! 


Angel Card Reading

Your Angels are always with you, guiding and protecting you. Let’s hear what message they have for you right now, and which Angel is protecting you at this point in your life. 


Playing Card Reading

A FUN reading! This is a one card reading, and a great look into some personal changes happening, or coming into your life very quickly! 


Mystery Reading

Carmel’s Pick! You never know what this is going to be! It could be a card reading, a mediumship reading, or even a call from Carmel herself!