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12 Months of Readings!

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These monthly readings are valued at over $1000!

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Life Review Reading

A review of your life; why you came here, the lesson you’ve learned, and the lesson that you still need! 



The Month of love! Receive guidance towards any relationship in life… You pick the relationship, Carmel will send you guidance! 



What’s ahead for your finances and prosperity? Carmel will provide you insight and guidance!


Mystery Reading

Carmel’s Pick! This month you could receive a mediumship reading by Real Time, a card reading your team Spirit thinks you need, or even a phone call from Carmel! 


Rune Stone Reading

Let these ancient stones do the talking… they’ll tell you have you have, what you want, and most importantly, what you need!


Astrology Reading 

Time to check in with the stars. You’ll receive guidance on what house and planet are aligned for you right now!


Personal Development

Lets talk growth… Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Social, to be exact. Carmel will connect with your guides, for your personal development. 


Answered Prayers

We all have the day to day questions, inquiries, thoughts. Things we wish we just had an answer for, but isn’t quite BIG enough to call on your personal psychic. Here’s your answer… 


Past Life Reading

Carmel will tell you have lesson you have learned, what lesson you have carried over from a past life, and the lesson you’re learning in this lifetime. Past lives give us a much deeper sense of knowing who we are today! 


Angel Card Reading

Your Angels are always with you, guiding and protecting you. Let’s hear what message they have for you right now, and which Angel is protecting you at this point in your life. 


Playing Card Reading

A FUN reading! This is a one card reading, and a great look into some personal changes happening, or coming into your life very quickly! 


Mystery Reading

Carmel’s Pick! You never know what this is going to be! It could be a card reading, a mediumship reading, or even a call from Carmel herself!