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10 Weeks to Transformation

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This brand new program starts on Feb 15th, 2023.

10 Weeks to Transformation

Learn with Carmel, how to Not Crash and Burn in 2023!

What is this program about?

In this program Carmel is the most in-depth she’s ever been and brutally honest as she shares with you her own struggles and the lessons and guidance she’s received from Spirit along the way.

Through many years of journaling and note taking, she thought she would be sharing all this information in her next book…but instead she’s decided to share it all right here with you.

How does it work?

The program begins February 15th and a new lesson is released each week for 10 weeks. Watch and listen from the comfort of your home, car, or anywhere you have internet access.

Crash and burn

Honest and in depth.

What this program is:

A Spiritual Teacher, a Healer, a Medium, a Psychic, an Intuitive Guide and an everyday Witch baring her soul to see if something she’s learned or knows can head you off at the path that you may be going down or enduring right now.

What this program is NOT:

Another self-help, cookie cutter program that is generic and just has you follow the prompts.

Why now?

Because things don’t seem to be getting any better. The more Carmel connects with those around her and listens to her clients they are screaming H.E.L.P and this is her way of helping see them through some of their darkest times, as she herself once was.

10 Weekly Lessons!

  • Lesson One: How to not get adrenal fatigue and almost die.

    Listen as Carmel shares the scariest health scare, she’s gone through and what happened after she said to her husband Dave, “I think I’m dying.”

  • Lesson Two: How to not let everyone else take over your life.

    Often when we feel like we are losing control we seek help from others. But what if those others are the ones seeking the control?

  • Lesson Three: How to not have a nervous breakdown when you lose a loved one.

    Listen as Carmel shares her own struggles through grief and the lessons she’s learned after her losses. Complicated and messy takes on a whole new meaning for those grieving.

  • Lesson Four: How to not go broke financially and lose everything.

    What did Spirit say to Carmel when she was about to sign bankruptcy papers? Find out in this lesson and how she disassembled a business she had spent years creating and why.

  • Lesson Five: How to not let gossip and hate from others destroy your soul.

    Carmel shares how she went to a very dark place, and then came back again and every healing step she took along the way. Psychic attack, celebrity takedowns, and so much more in this lesson.

  • Lesson Six: How to not have a nervous breakdown.

    Just when you think have it all together, sometimes that’s when the biggest waves come crashing down. In this lesson Carmel shares how she learned to surf and get back up again.

  • Lesson Seven: How to not forget your Spirituality in times of crisis.

    So many of us have all the Spiritual tools and we know the basics but when a crisis hits that all kinda goes out the window. Carmel learned how to make sure she never lets that happen again. Now she shares her secrets with you.

  • Lesson Eight: How to not lie your way through life.

    Whether you’re lying to yourself or to others, Carmel peels back the lies and layers as to why this is our #1 protective mechanism to cope when things go bad and what it’s really doing to us inside and out.

  • Lesson Nine: How to not mask pain with food or other substances.

    Listen as Carmel shares for the first time her own eating disorder and addictions and shares how this happened and how to cope. You’re not alone and neither was she.

  • Lesson 10: How to not give up the power of your peace and passion.

    Peace. This is the biggest and more important thing we all must have in our lives. Peace brings healing. Peace brings Joy. Peace brings comfort and above all, peace brings us back to the center of ourselves. How to bring a whole new peace and level of comfort into your life once and for all.

Carmel laptop

Also included:

Bonus! Live Webinar!

Take notes all throughout the 10 week program with any questions you have, because at the end of the 10 weeks Carmel will host a live webinar where she’ll answer questions live and give even more insight and Intuitive Guidance to you.

Join Carmel via live webinar April 25th at 7:30 pm MST!

Can't attend live? Np problem, the webinar is recorded and a link to view it will be emailed to you the following day.

10 Weeks to Transformation