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Some of us recall experiences that we can not explain or moments we felt “something” but we weren’t sure what.

Those who are suffering from anxiety/panic attacks may be experiencing exactly what I was going through in my own life,but they don’t understand what’s happening to them and why they feel the way they do. Over the course of a few years, I’ve developed several courses to help students learn how to tap into that inner voice and develop their gift. From beginner intuitive’s to advanced Mediums there is something for everyone.
I personally teach all of my courses at River Lane Ranch. We aim to keep the size of the classes lower so I can have lots of individual time to help you learn.
I’m always asked ” How do I know if I’m intuitive or a Psychic?” The answer: IF your asking me ..it’s time to learn!

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Soul Alignment Weekend Workshop
Soul Alignment Weekend Workshop
Soul Alignment Workshop

December 1st & 2nd, 2018
In this unique, weekend training, Carmel will teach you to go deeper and take you further along your journey to achieving balance, enlightenment, and soul growth.

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