“Carmel’s Intuition Party”

You could be one of our next winners!



This is a special event that will be hosted randomly throughout the year!

Don’t forget to join Carmel and share her live Intuition Party with your friends on Facebook to be entered to win one of Carmel’s special gifts!  These gifts have been specially selected just for the party!

You could be given the chance to use your own intuition live on Facebook! Everyone who is watching has a chance to win! If your name is chosen, you will use your intuition to chose your special surprise gift! Carmel will give you one of her many products, courses or services!

Trust your intuition to get you the perfect gift for you at the perfect time!

“What is an Intuition Party?”


Carmel goes live on Facebook to test your intuition and do what she does best… give away gifts and free things!!!

During an Intuition Party, Carmel goes live on Facebook and lets the audience use their intuition to choose which boxes, buckets, etc. full of awesome gifts to win just for you!

From courses to products, crystals and jewelry, you never know what will be inside. All you have to do is join each party live on Facebook for a chance to choose one of the gifts!

These envelopes hold secret extreme coupons.

One coupon will be picked by a viewer during Facebook live for everyone watching to use!

The coupon will be valid only for 48 hours!!

*These specials will only be available for 48 hours following their reveal during the Intuition Party.

Use the coupon code learn50 to get 50% off of ALL of Carmel’s online courses!

Expires midnight on March 22nd!

Click here to check out all of Carmel’s online courses!

During the Intuition Party, these specials will be unlocked!

You will be given a chance to win them on Facebook,

but you can always purchase them as well!

During the Intuition Party live on Facebook, these specials will be unlocked and available to everyone at an amazing deal, but only for 48 hours!

If you’re watching live, you could be one of the lucky winners!

Don’t miss the party!

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Join Carmel for her Intuition

Carmel will be going live at random times throughout the month.  She loves to go rogue!

Be sure to set your Facebook notifications so that you will be notified of the next Intuition Party!

You can also enter for your chance to win a call from Carmel!

“Calls with Carmel”

Carmel may be calling you next time!


This can be activated at any time throughout the year!

You could receive a mini-reading live on Facebook connecting you with a loved one on the other side, an intuitive reading giving you the direction you need at just the right time in your life or she may give away one of her many products, courses or services!

Only Spirit knows what she’s going to do, but you can ensure you’re included, by completing the form below!

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to get a call from Carmel!

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