Come Experience A Connection With Carmel In Person!

A Weekend With Sonia and Carmel!

Join Carmel & Sonia, two of the world’s best spiritual teachers, for a weekend of learning, love and like-minded people!

World Renowned Psychic & NY Times Bestselling Author, Sonia Choquette, and Spiritual Medium – Reality T.V Star, and newest Hay House author, Carmel Joy Baird, come together again for a weekend of learning, laughter, and Spirit!

Dates: June 2 – 4, 2017
June 2: 6pm – 9pm
June 3: 10am – 4pm
June 4: 10am – 4pm

Times: Friday 6pm-9pm & Saturday & Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm

Location: River Lane Ranch

Cost: $1350.00 $949 (50% non-refundable deposit required to register)
Lunch & snacks provided daily

Carmel has been spending a lot of time teaching with Sonia, and their students couldn’t be happier with the programs!

Each and every course that Carmel and Sonia teach together is packed full of new lessons, and their own life experiences.

Two world-renowned spiritual teachers, are sharing their journey with you. They want to guide you through the lessons they’ve already learned in the world. And prepare you for the changes that you are about to make in your life and the lives of others.

Sonia will channel her guides for direct conversation, but will also have them directly transmit their frequency in order for you to raise your vibration and heal your life. This workshop will also include meditations introduced by the guides directly. Finally, Sonia will show you the tools for channeling your own Spirit guides. She’ll also teach you how to access your past lives!

Carmel will teach you how to use your guides to communicate with the other side and why your team of spiritual helpers is so important conquering your life lessons. She’ll also teach you how to heal any past life trauma’s you may have brought into this lifetime!

You don’t want to miss them! An incredible team! 


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